My Jinni

A clairvoyant friend of mine recently informed me that I have a “fire spirit”, of the benevolent sort, attached to me. In order to believe this, I have to take two leaps of faith: one that it is possible for someone to be clairvoyant, and two that the Jinn actually do exist. Oddly enough, it’s actually easier for me to believe in the Jinn than in clairvoyance. That may be due to the ramblings of my dear departed Grandmother. As a child it was always suspected that my behaviour was directly affected by a Jinni. The phrase “A’oo Thu Billahi min Ash Shaitan Arrajim” (O God, I seek refuge in You, from Shaitan the rejected) was launched in my direction too many times to count. Perhaps dear Setti knew more than the rest of us were willing to give her credit for!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Jinn (جن) are Middle Eastern, folkloric spirits who are believed to have existed before humans. The word Jinni was incorrectly translated as Génie when the French translated The Book of 1001 Nights. Therefore, the West knows them as the genie; a somewhat deviated version of the original Jinni. It is said that they were created from smokeless fire as humans were made from the earth. They live, die, procreate, and have free will as humans do. The Jinn were incorporated into the Islamic faith, the most recognized being Iblis (the equivalent of Satan). In Islam and pre-Islamic folklore, the Jinn come in four forms: the Ifrit – who is arrogant and powerful; the Marid – the most powerful of the Jinn and the one able to grant wishes; the Sila – who can take any form (human or animal) and are very intelligent; and the Ghul – a mischievous shape shifter.

As ghoulish as the thought may be that one may be travelling around with me, I’m actually not bothered by it. If I allowed myself to believe in it, I might actually be comforted by it. I was told by my friend that this spirit, apparently male, has been with me in all of my previous lives and guides me. The Jinn have a rather bad rap in the Middle East and some people may suggest that I’m possessed rather than guided. Although I sincerely doubt a Jinni possession would be so mundane! I’m wondering if he may be the reason I always pick the slowest line at the supermarket, or always manage to smack my head on the lowest branch. All joking aside, I have arrived safely to where I am now in life. Do I have a Jinni to thank or my own dumb luck? Who really knows…


9 thoughts on “My Jinni

  1. Nice & interesting post.But isn’t Iblis an angel rather than a Jinn? It’s a technical question really.Personally, I’ve never been bothered by Jinn, however, I know many humans who will wreak havoc if ever allowed into the Jinn World. I think that the Afarit, the Maradeh and the Ghouls are too human to be anything else.


  2. To Abu Fares: Thank you. I had to do a bit of research on the Jinn before writing this post. Their stories are very interesting. Indeed, Iblis is a Jinni – see Chapter 18 in the Quran (18:50) “And (remember) when We said unto the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord’s command.”


  3. I guess I have a Jinni of my own: my dad. I can feel his presence, looking after me all the time. Sometimes he may be distracted though, because I also use to choose the slowest line!


  4. Heard about your blog a while back but never really had the time to start reading it. Now that I do have some time, I decided to start at the very beginning with your first post, time permits I will catch up at some point! You are a really good writer, keep at it and great things may come!


  5. intresting mariyah! in fact am into these stuff.. but never got bothered by any.. but what i know is that if they appeared to u, u can burn them in many ways.. first one by reading (ayat al kursi) although it may be hard if ur nt really close to god, second method is by saying the name of Imam Ali infront of them, as he is the only one who went under ground to a king of them and fought him.


    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestions, Tefa. Unless this supposed spirit companion of mine becomes troublesome, I’ll look into these methods. But so far, he has been completely benign so I can live with that. 🙂 So glad you dropped by.


  6. You can get rid of them with an experienced exorcist who know the quran and the subject.

    Maybe Iblis is something made of energy and not a jin or angel because all the angels and jinns prostrated. Iblis is mentioned between the two types who agreed. He is not clearly defined as one or the other. Assuming something is in my opinion a bad idea.

    I would get another opinion because your friend is most probably a hindu. This is gathered from the multiple lives concept. Hindus do believe more strongly in jinns and are more connected to nature. However they are not open minded enough to understand or accept multiple ideas. Hinduism originally was a part of Islam, but got distorted because it is a very old religion. All religions are based on the original religion of Adam. Hinduism even has the concept of Mairaj, where the prophet goes to meet God and many other Islamic concepts.

    If anyone needs proof about the debates going on, then all you have to do is ask God himself for what is going on.

    Khawar Nehal


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