Return to the Blogosphere

I am back in the Blogosphere after a few months’ hiatus. Thank you to my faithful followers for being patient and I hope to have something now that you can really sink your teeth into.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really have a focus. I just provided a smattering of experiences of motherhood and a little on travel laced with humour – and mostly sarcasm. But it wasn’t really coming together for me. Now, I’ve figured out where my interests lie. I have a keen interest in cultures – particularly music, food, language – and of course, writing. So why not bring them all together?

My own heritage is a mixture from the British Isles – Scottish, Welsh, and English. I grew up in an area of Ontario where there was a very strong German influence – particularly in food. My husband is of Greek heritage and I have learned to speak a little Greek and to cook a multitude of modest Hellenic dishes. I particularly enjoy Greek music which we play often at home. I have friends from all corners of the earth who are more than keen to share recipes and stories from their homelands. Finally, I cannot ignore what might be defined as Canadian cooking. Dishes that can only be found here – although scarce – do exist. I will bring as much variety as I can to you, dear reader!

I hope you will enjoy our little arm-chair trips and will share some of your thoughts and ideas with me.

Slainte! (“Cheers” in Gaelic)


4 thoughts on “Return to the Blogosphere

  1. I'm so glad you came back & identified yourself, b/c at first I wasn't sure who you were! Like the focus here; before I started blogging, received advice to have a focus, to make finding posting ideas easier. It helps. Your focus sounds interesting. And I want to thank you, too, for continuing to leave comments on my blog while you were on hiatus. Looking forward to your posts!


  2. I hope Peru may soon be one of those corners in the world where you have friends. I just arrived to your blog, and I guess I won’t be leaving yet.
    Greetings from Lima, Peru.


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