PeaceDear Readers,

I won’t be updating my story until the death and destruction stops in Gaza. I would feel callous writing a romance when such horrible events are happening near by.

I hope you will stay with me until I return. Inshallah peace will happen soon.




5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Je ne parle pas anglais, je suis désolé, alors je passe par le traducteur de Google.
    Tant que la religion dirigera les hommes, la guerre et l’incompréhension est inévitable.

    Je souhaite que la paix s’installe, qu’elle soit durable et qu’enfin, ce soit les hommes et pas leur foi qui gouverne dans cette région.

    I do not speak English, I’m sorry, then I go through a translator from Google.
    As long as religion leads men, war and misunderstanding is inevitable.

    I hope that peace prevails, it is sustainable and that, it is men and not their faith that government in this region.

    Long live the secular.


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