Packing Away the Holidays

Every year I dread the day I have to put all the holiday decorations away. Some years I pack it all away on New Year’s day, but this year its still all up and around. During the holidays the house always looks so cosy and I don’t want to lose that warm feeling. The month of December is so filled with anticipation and merriment. Its hard to tuck that all into a box and then face three more bleak months of winter. When you come right down to it, the rest of the winter is really the issue.

This year, I’m wondering what I can do to make the house more cheerful during winter. I really liked the dash of colour that was added with the red table cloth and the gold accents here and there. I enjoyed the hint of Scandanavia our little tree seemed to bring to the house. I admired the cabin-look brought by the boughs and sprigs of spruce here and there. I loved the scents of cinnemon, spice, and berry that infused the house from candles and potpourri.

So what can I do to keep that feeling but not look like Christmas 24-7? Perhaps I can find a red tablecloth that doesn’t have ivy on it. Maybe I can place subtle twig shapes here and there. Maybe I can just take a page from IKEA! Or just keep my eye open for that little thing or that splash of colour that will make me smile as I snuggle into the couch with a book and a blanket while the snow falls outside.

How do you deal with packing away the holidays? What do you do to keep away the winter blues?


2 thoughts on “Packing Away the Holidays

  1. We so immerse ourselves with the holiday, lingering nightly through the season in the dining room, lighting candles, enjoying the ambiance, that I'm satisfied when it's time to pack it away. But like you, I like to keep touches of the color & warmth. We have a large twig and red berry wreath that hangs all year, and I like the idea of boughs and candles tucked here & there, a hint of Christmas all the time. Don't forget Valentines' Day, too!! You still need lots of reds for February, including that tablecloth.

    I don't really get the winter blues, but rather find the time when the weather is cold and snowy conducive to much writing, without the distractions of summer and gardening, etc. I guess my writing is my "winter garden," something I enjoy tending and growing in these months!


  2. Oh, Joanne! That’s wonderful…your “winter garden”! With that you’ve brought a ray of sunshine into my winter!! Thank you! And that’s a good point about Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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