Weekly Happy Moment: A Love Story

Holding HandsSince this is as good a week as any to talk about love, I sat wracking my brain trying to think of a story worth telling. I wanted to unfold to you a love story that really stuck out in my mind. Beautiful love stories are, of course, happening all over the world, all of the time. Some are noteworthy, some are more common place. I scoured the news looking for something other than war and politics, I looked through blogs hoping for something other than…well, what was there, but nothing really struck me in that “Oooh! I’ve got to write about that!” kind of way. Then a little light went off in my head.

More than a year ago, I read an article in the national paper and was so touched by it that I had actually clipped it out. I don’t clip out newspaper articles, ever. I don’t even remember my initial reason for clipping it.  But I did this one and I tucked it away in my file drawer. It has not seen the light since January 28, 2008…until today. As I pulled it from the file drawer I read it again and savored ever word. It is a story of love that survived despite the most trying conditions; conditions that probably would have caused a lot of other people to give up and move on.

Anyone remember the big news at the end of January last year coming from the Middle East? The Gaza border with Egypt was brought down by an armed wing of Hamas – al-Qassam Brigades. Mark McKinnon, the writer of my clipped article entitled “No barrier too high: A Gaza love story” starts with these lines:

When Gaza’s border with Egypt came crashing down last week, tens of thousands of Palestinians rushed through, looking to buy food, fuel, and other basic goods. Emran Labbad was among them, but he was searching for something even more precious: a lost love.

McKinnon goes on to tell the beautiful story of Emran and Heba. Without more ado, I will send you along to the story which I was lucky enough to find online. Enjoy and may all of your hearts be touched by love great and small.
I wonder where Emran and Heba are today.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Happy Moment: A Love Story

  1. Thank you Isobel for sharing this beautiful love story with us. Can I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Valentine’s?

    I wish you the best, now and always.


    1. I think you’re talking about my wondering what happened to Emran and Heba, Laura. And yes, sometimes it makes for a more successful love story not to try to predict the future. I guess its the pragmatist in me that thinks about these two – with so many odds against them were they able to wed and after so much destruction in Gaza, are they still safe? Sorry to burst the bubble!!


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