A Good Laugh

men-women-laugh-out-loud-01-afOnce again, I am setting aside politics. As you will see below, I have been recently reminded of the power of humour. If it weren’t for humour, I’m sure we’d all be dead. I don’t think I could survive, anyway. There are so many different kinds of humour – dry, silly, slap-stick, crude, etc. – and we all take it in a little differently. What makes me bowl over might only make the next person merely smile. I hate those situations! Don’t you feel like turning to them, once you’ve regained your composure, and saying “What’s wrong with you? Grab a sense of humour!” Chances are they have one but whatever made you laugh didn’t tickle their funny bone.

According to this Reader’s Digest article, humour can be especially different between the sexes. Apparently “men and women process funny differently.” Its something to do with the “ventromedial prefrontal cortex” and the way in which the humour is told – one liners for men, story format for women. I might suggest it simply differs from person to person, but have a look at the article and draw your own conclusions.

Humour is a great way to send a message. People will take in information a lot more willingly if it is delivered humourously. Listening to someone drone on about any topic will cause people to lose attention very quickly and probably forget it just as quickly. It doesn’t actually have to be hilarity…just subtle humour. As a purely Canadian example, would you rather watch politics recapped by Rick Mercer (Jon Stewart the closest American equivalent) or on CPAC? I’m betting most people would choose Rick! I’m not saying every topic can be discussed with humour, obviously some cannot. But if it is possible to use it, I would hazard to say it is far more effective. I might not even hazard…

BlackadderRowan Atkinson is one of my favourite comedians. Although Mr. Bean is a little too slap-stick/goofy for my liking I’ve still had some good belly laughs watching that too. Blackadder, however, is absolute genius…especially with help of Hugh Laurie (House) as Prince George and Tony Robinson who played Baldrick. The show, produced by the BBC, originally aired between 1983 and 1989. Atkinson stealthily combines the dryness of sarcasm and the hilarity of slap-stick into almost every skit. There were parts that would send me into hysterics…you know when your eyes water and your side hurts. Yup. That was Blackadder.

As of late, I haven’t seen very much of Atkinson or many of his live shows but was thrilled to come across a selection of videos on YouTube (no surprise there). I found this little gem and thought I would like to share it with you! It reminds me of Sundays when I was a kid during services in the Anglican church…but much more…entertaining! I can only hope that you enjoy it as much as I did, but if not…well, that’s humour for you! Do me a favour though, if you don’t like it…don’t tell me!


4 thoughts on “A Good Laugh

  1. Rowan Atkinson is probably my favorite comedian. I do, however, tremendously enjoy watching him as Mr. Bean. To be so funny without ever uttering a word is no funny business.

    I like jokes in general, all types. Some people are talented joke tellers. Unfortunately I am not. I tend to forget them a few minutes after I hear them no matter what mental effort I put into trying to commit them to memory for later use.

    I can’t post this comment without a joke right?

    A male dinosaur approached a female dinosaur, smiled earnestly at her and lightly placed his hand on her thigh.
    She pulled back indignantly and slapped him hard on his hand.

    “Don’t you ever do that again.” she threatened.

    “OK, have it your way. Play hard to get. No wonder we went extinct.” he answered.


    1. Ba-dum ba chhhhh!! Nice joke, Abu Fares!! lol Glad to find a fellow Atkinson fan!! I can’t tell jokes either…I always forget the punch line. Thanks for your lively comments!!


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