Feeling Nauseous

Women SilencedReally, I am. Just read the article. I can’t believe the thought process of some people…if you can call that thought.

Afghan Marriage Law Cannot Be Changed: Cleric (CBC News)


2 thoughts on “Feeling Nauseous

    1. Abu Fares, I read the article and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I mean, I know that mindset exists out there but to say it laid out and reported as if it were logical, is frightening. And this is a “top” cleric! These are the people that hold incredible influence. I try to imagine being one of these women, many of who, I’m sure are less than 20 years old and probably as uneducated as Mohseni suggests. It must be a terrifying an existence, one of which they can never escape from. You’re right, democracy for only half the population (and a shaky one at that) is not democracy at all.


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