Victoria Stafford: Still Nothing

Victoria's Mother
Victoria's Mother

Victoria Stafford disappeared on April 8th, almost a month ago, and we still can’t find her. Its like she vanished into thin air. Mother’s Day is coming up.


6 thoughts on “Victoria Stafford: Still Nothing

    1. Its so difficult not to lose hope but when I saw her mother’s face I had to renew the strength in my hope. I can only imagine the anguish she is going through.


  1. I Have a hard time believing that the Mother Of Victoria Stafford is completely innocent in this whole thing, I have watched her Press Conferences and I cant Believe she has not pleaded for daughters safe return. Something is not right about the reactions she has that her daughter is missing.


    1. I can’t comment, Frances, as I have not seen the Press conferences. I certainly hope that you are wrong. Different people react differently to situations is all I can suggest. Out of interest, though, I will have a look at the conferences. Thanks for your comment.


  2. The mother had nothing to do with Victoria’s kidnap or murder. Two people have been charged. No one knows how they will react when this happens. When you are in shock -you look emotionless.


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