Inspirational Bouquet

bouquet I love flowers, their colours, their scents, how delicate they are and yet how hardy. The only time I have ever had flowers in the house are when I’ve been given them as a gift (peonies excepted which I pick from the garden) and that doesn’t happen very often. I did, however, receive some a little more than a week ago – very pretty ones – but was disappointed as I saw them fading in the last few days. Then I thought to myself: Why not buy some for myself and keep the vase on my desk full of pretty flowers? Why not if they make me happy?” And so, this is my new plan to buy new flowers once a week or so and have them to admire on my desk while I write. Why did it take me this long to figure out? I’m not sure except to say I never had any on my desk before and so I never thought about it. But I’ve thought about it now and I love it! Really. I can’t stop admiring them! What about you? Anything you do, something special for yourself, that inspires or just plain makes you happy?


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