The Aimless Milling About of Men

I happen to pass by my front window and stop for a second to take in the view across the street. I am amused. One of my neighbours has embarked on a home reno project which, inevitably, on a nice weekend day like today, brings out the men from the homes within closest proximity. Now, you have to understand that the neighbour who initially embarked on the job is not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination – a fact widely known amongst those who know these things on our street. So, armed with Dewalts, Crocs and Tilly Hats these neighbourly men all pitch in. Well, sort of. There’s a flurry of activity amounting to…not much. Then, there’s a lot of conversation. Mostly conversation really…probably about the right tool to use and the one they wish they had – one suggests (presumably) it can be rented at Home Depot. Another flurry. One guy takes off in his pick-up. Now a little digging. (tic toc tic toc) Another neighbour joins in…more conversation. More amusement on my part…its actually the non-handyman man who’s doing all the work. Oh, the guy with the pick-up has returned. They all lift some hideous looking contraption from the bed of the truck on to the drive way and look at it. Now what? Lunch time? Yup. I’ll have to peek out again later to see what happens when the contraption is put to use.

What am I trying to say? Nothing really. I was just amused.


6 thoughts on “The Aimless Milling About of Men

  1. Isobel
    The simplicity and grace of your writing truly amazes me. To contemplate on such a usual, seemingly trivial, occurrence in the neighborhood and grab the attention of the reader as if you’re telling a fairy tale is so difficult. Unless!

    Unless your prose is a mirror of your true self which I strongly believe.

    I think there are many more “learned” writers out there than there are “natural born” ones. You my dear friend are one of the few who can project their thoughts and observations on paper (or pixels:-) without the intervention of a decoder. This is true talent.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever considered writing not just as a hobby but as something to do seriously. In case you haven’t, believe me you should.

    May I tell you that I’m a huge fan of your blog (in case you didn’t know that) and find solace in your tasteful and effortless use of words and your unassuming and flowing style.


    1. Oh my goodness, Abu Fares, thank you!!! From someone who writes as wonderfully as you do, this is quite a compliment! Funny, I contemplated not even posting this as it seemed too simple…lol! Now I’m glad I did. Its always a pleasure to have you here.


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