Something about Veggie Stir-Fries

Stir Fry with FiddleheadsI’m just going to start by saying that I am by no means an expert in Asian cooking…in fact, I know very little. I’ve never even steamed rice and I don’t think I could pick out Bok Choy in a vegetable line up. I don’t even own a Wok…although I’d like one (but that’s another matter). I have, however, made some effort in learning how to stir-fry properly even though I do it in a skillet.

There’s something very satisfying about creating a stir-fry. I mean, really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to which veggies to use. I like to use ones of varying colours because its so…simply put…pretty when they’re all mixed together in the pan. So you chop up a cornucopia of fresh vegetables into strips and throw them into a really hot skillet. Not long into it, all the colours turn brilliant, really vivid and the aroma…wonderful.

Tonight I tried something different. I added fiddleheads (“immature fronds” of the Ostrich Fern) to the mix. I steamed them first, for about 5 minutes, and then threw them in with the rest of the veggies for frying. They were absolutely delicious. If you can find the fiddleheads at your grocery store, I highly recommend trying them this way. The rest of the vegetables I used were just sweet green and red peppers and onions.

So if anyone reading this has never attempted a stir-fry…I’ll tell you what I know. If anyone reading this is an expert stir-frier and wants to give tips, I’d be happy to see them.

Heat oil (vegetable oil, or canola oil) in a skillet or wok on high. Chop up and add a couple of cloves of garlic. Let it cook until golden and then remove it. Throw in the veggies. I sprinkled some powdered ginger over it all since I didn’t have fresh – you could use either. Fry the veggies by either moving them around with a spoon or shaking the pan so they are evenly cooked. Best not to cook them too much. When they get tender but not soft…you want them a little crunchy…remove them from the heat. I like to serve mine with Basmati rice…that’s what my family likes…but you can use whatever rice you prefer. And, of course, there’s nothing like a little dash of Soy Sauce to add some saltiness.



4 thoughts on “Something about Veggie Stir-Fries

  1. Your photo is absolutley mouth watering. I’ve been hungry since I saw it this morning.

    I’m also ecstatic to have learned 2 new words:

    I’ve been around …heads and …heads but never fiddleheads. I’ve never seen ’em actually and have no idea what they are called in Arabic.

    Even this great site managed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:

    which I often use to find translation to even the most difficult “food related” term didn’t have it!

    I’m sure it tastes great though and I can’t wait to try it ASAP.


    1. I hate to tell you Abu Fares, it may be that fiddleheads aren’t available in Syria. The Ostrich fern only grows in the North and apparently is only a delicacy in Northeastern North America. Anyway, if you’re ever anywhere where you can eat them, be sure to…because they’re very tasty. Sorry…I don’t know the Arabic term either… 😉 Thanks for dropping by!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I like to add colorful veggies to mine.
    also thanks for the “fiddlehead” and “ostraich fern” introduction! now i should do my own research about them and see about using those. i might have seen them at the market but never knew theri names or how to use them.
    Nice blog!


    1. Thanks, Summer!! Welcome here. I hope you can find the fiddleheads…but it depends on where you live as to whether they are available or not. I hope you can!! 🙂


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