Congratulations Alice!

Alice MunroAlice Munro, notably Canada’s finest short story writer, won the prestigious Man Booker International Prize last night. Alice hails from small town Ontario but, as Book Columnist, Geoff Pevere, so eloquently writes…”her art speaks to the world”.

Over the course of my teenage years, I had my nose stuck in quite a few of Munro’s books. My mother, a die-hard Munro fan, introduced me to her. I’ve moved away from Munro lately, not anything I’ve done consciously…just less time for reading and I seem to find myself jumping from author to author mostly on recommendations of friends. I think, however, the news of this award has reminded me to go back. Many of the stories I read 20 years ago still stick in my head as if I read them yesterday. The characters and images she creates are so compelling and so real.

Congratulation, Alice – if you’ll pardon the familiarity – you deserve every bit of the recognition you receive and more!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Alice!

  1. Thank you for making reference to Alice Munro. I have never read her but am very interested now.
    I’ll be looking for her soon 🙂


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