Thank Goodness My Head is Attached…

…or I’d forget it too. I swear! I don’t know if it’s getting older, or having kids, or a combination thereof, but I wander the house daily trying to remember what I’m supposed to be doing. Now, don’t get worried, despite this seeming impairment I can still function relatively normally…or at least appear so. I mean, the kids get to and from school, groceries are purchased, meals are made, and I can even find my way around WordPress adequately. So, clearly my faculties are still about me. But seriously, these needless trips up and down the stairs, apart from the advantage of some exercise, are becoming trying.

I remember my mom and dad going through the same thing. With my dad it was always about losing stuff. He’d come in to any room and loudly announce that he couldn’t find something critical like his glasses or his car keys. We, my sister and I, would roll our eyes and begin the search about the house. The usual dialog ensued, “Well, where did you have them last, Dad? Are you sure they’re not in your pockets?” It became a family event quite frequently. There were also the panicked patting of pockets and frenzied tears through the purse because of the sudden realization that they couldn’t remember whether the keys or wallet were there or not. As a teenager I was sometimes amused but more often irritated by this behaviour. Now I can totally relate. Sigh.

And, yes, I can also relate to the seniors depicted in comic strips! Good grief! What will I be like in 20 years?



6 thoughts on “Thank Goodness My Head is Attached…

  1. I wish I could “age’ as gracefully as you are. 20 years from now??? Ummmm, I have my own theory about that, LOL


    1. Yes, Abu Fares, I feel so graceful walking into a room, looking dazed, and then turning around and walking out again because I forgot why I was there!! LOL!! You and your theories!! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Omar. You’ve made me feel so much better…considering you’re so much younger!! 🙂 Perhaps we can claim that we’re so focused on important world issues and the like, that trivial things like where our keys are go mostly unnoticed until we need them? Ya…that sounds good.


    1. I know, Kinzi. This is why I’m cringing. Its only going to go downhill from here!! :O I haven’t gotten into the habit of making lists…except grocery lists which I always misplace before leaving the house. lol Good idea, taping lists to the window…I’ll remember that! (I hope)


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