Hey! Look Around!

Green Maple
Green Maple

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that you forget about living, or at least the things that surround your life and make it what it is. I spend a lot of time running to the grocery store, and the school, the doctor’s or the dentist’s, etc.. Lately, thanks to the weather, I’ve spent more time looking at the four walls of my house than I’d like to. Yesterday was an exception. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Billowy clouds moved across the skies, and a soft breeze kept the heat of the sun at bay. I took the kids to the park and just sat absorbing the life there. I felt the sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair, the laughter of children filled my ears, the sweet scent of cut grasses tickled my airways, and all around me was sunshine green – you know…that pretty green that the leaves and the grass get when they filter sunlight? Its one of those moments that etches itself in your memory.

Museum of Civilization
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Later, as they are often want to do this summer, the clouds covered the sun and a cold wind howled through the streets of Ottawa. But, fully energized from the time spent at the park, I propelled myself forward and ended up at the centre of town. I often forget how beautiful the down town is. I live in the burbs and don’t often get a chance to enjoy what the city has to offer. Took the kids to an IMAX film which turned into a disaster as they got scared and we had to leave. But sometimes we get lucky and fortune smiles on us just when we think its forgotten us. The IMAX theatre is at the Museum of Civilization – one of the most incredibly intricate and beautiful pieces of modern architecture I’ve seen. As I walked out into what might be considered a courtyard, I was awestruck by the view. My eye followed down a tumbling waterfall and pond, through a loose maze of white sculptures, and over manicured lawns to the Ottawa River, across the river and up a steep embankment to the parliament buildings. The gorgeous circular library had been released from the bonds of scaffolding, which seemed to be there for years, and sat like a newly polished jewel on the hill. “What a great city I live in.”, I thought to myself as if I’d noticed for the first time. “Wow.”

I followed all that up with Thai cuisine…talk about a journey and absolute pleasure for the tastebuds! 🙂 (I think this is another post in itself)

I think every town, every city, every piece of countryside has its jewels. We just have to remember to look for them. Moments of colours, sounds, sights, tastes…we can all enjoy some or all of these things…all at once or a few at a time. If the rain is getting you down…go out and inhale the scent of fresh earth, admire the emerald grasses, feel the mist delight your skin. Look around. You might have forgotten in the chaos…that there’s more to life. Enjoy your day and all your days after. I’d love to hear about where you live, if you care to share it.

Park Near my Home
Park Near My House

8 thoughts on “Hey! Look Around!

  1. Indeed, we are too caught up in life to appreciate it. We say our forefathers had it better. I wonder if they thought their forefathers had it better too.


    1. KJ, I’m so glad you dropped by. Thank you for your comment! I think sometimes we romanticize about life in the day of our forefathers. Certainly it was different, but better? I’m not so sure. It was more innocent and less complicated, and of a slower pace. But I think it was more physically demanding, there was more poverty, more disease, and in the end, they probably didn’t stop to “smell the roses” any more than we do. I think now, we busy ourselves so much we just forget to stop but we have the time and the means to do so more than at any other time in history.


  2. Isobel

    Your simple writing leaves me speechless and searching for more to read every time. We all have our fair share of responsibilities and distraction in life. While writing to you may be only a hobby you’re so good at it that you must consider writing more often, at least on your blog.

    I follow a handful of blogs regularly. Yours is on the very top of my short list but time and again I get disappointed when I don’t find a new post to read.

    Your description of Ottawa made me come to terms with my shortcomings. How little I know of Canada, almost close to nothing about her Capital.

    Thanks to your article now I know I have plenty of catching up to do. No matter how near and far we travel, every city or town remain a secret to be discovered on her own. And until I get my chance to see her in person, your post about your Ottawa is my only yet beautiful personal guide.


    1. Abu Fares its always lovely to read your comments and you’re right, I haven’t been posting regularly. This is something I’d like to try to do and will give it some more effort – especially when I know I have such avid readers!! Thank you!! 🙂 You also made me think…it would be fun to write a bit more about Ottawa and Canada…perhaps that’s a little project I’ll undertake this summer to get me back on the writing track!! What a great suggestion…or at least comment leading me in that direction!


  3. I completely agree with you Isobel. Lately I have been taking bike rides in the country side and I was surprised at how much beauty is available just around the corner. Beauty that often goes unnoticed.

    I love Ottawa and especially around Parliament Hill. Our first family trip was to Ottawa many years ago, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for the post and the lovely pictures.


    1. Thanks, Omar! I think I told you that I grew up near where you are now. The countryside there is beautiful…riding your bike must be a pleasant escape from the city. I need to get a bike…Ottawa has so many pretty bike paths, especially down near the river. I’d like to take advantage of them. Glad to see you drop by!


  4. I live in Lima, two blocks aways from the seaside. My city is usually humid and gray, but I love it just as is is. It’s wonderful to take that two blocks walk and watch the endelss immensity of the Pacific Ocean, and let your thoughts flow back and forth, with the sea.
    It may sound odd, but for me this gray colored sky is the loveliest thing on earth.


    1. Whatever reminds you of home is a wonderful thing, Gabriela. Lima sounds beautiful. I need to take a journey through your blog and find out more. Thanks so much for taking the time to come here and comment. Its nice to see you.


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