Finding Victoria Stafford’s Body

The latest CBC report: Remains likely Victoria Stafford’s: OPP Chief. What a tragedy.


16 thoughts on “Finding Victoria Stafford’s Body

  1. What a bitter ending…
    I was furious while driving and listening to the news today. I’m still waiting to see what the motive was behind this horrible crime


    1. Its so sad and disturbing I can’t even bring myself to write anything or to contemplate it too much. The crushing thing is…there probably wasn’t much of a motive. Just craziness…


  2. Just a man who worshiped his own need above the right of a young girl to live, who…

    Like you, Isobel, I can’t contemplate. The rage that rises is a little scary.

    I am praying for her family, oh Lord.

    Thank you for bringing closure for us. For them, there never will be.


    1. I know, Kinzi, there’s no silver lining here…not a trace. One can only hope they took her quickly and she didn’t suffer. Ah…even contemplating that brings tears to my eyes.


  3. The perpetrator of this crime brings one of the most primitive instincts in me “Revenge” through severe punishment. He/she should suffer. Sure I sound as if I’m contradicting my own philosophy and principles in life. I’m willing to do so very rarely… and I just did.


  4. how can we identify those crazy people? and how they became such monsters?… can we console her parents for their joy and life…..
    when i see all the violance in movies, in our culture when i see wars, weapons…philosophy of violance,of power …it is terrible..


    1. Yes, Ranwa, unlike in the movies, the “bad guys” don’t always wear dark clothing and a menacing grimace on their faces. Its frightening and terrible…unfortunately…and I don’t mean to sound nonchalant about it…that’s life. I can’t see this dark side ever changing given human fallibility. Or am I just being too negative?


  5. i think we can be better human being…we search to be better by nature…..this kind of act is committed by abnormal people they became abnormal for some reason….they were raised between us they did not come from Mars….do you Isobel think a kid can be bad by nature? i think it is a social failure…..there were always bad gys through history….yes…but history knew nonviolant societies..i am not an expert of any of this…but i really think we tolerate violance too much…we became less sensitive…the culture of today is definitely not on spiritual track.


    1. Ranwa, although it wouldn’t be obvious from my last comment, I do agree that the majority of people are not violent by nature – or at least are able to control the urge. Otherwise I don’t think the human race would have lasted as long as it has. What I meant, however, is that, although we can strive for a non-violent society and nearly achieve it, there will always be predators, and people more prone to violent behaviour. Ever read “Lord of the Flies”? Some behaviours are innate.


  6. thank you for replying Isobel, unfortunately i didn t read the story you mentioned…i don t know why i still believe that at least this sort of behaviour that the post was about comes from sick people and it is not innate….if you understand what i mean…thank you again.


    1. I do understand what you mean, Ranwa. All I can say is I that I would like to agree with you…just sometimes things happen and I start to wonder…thank you so much for continuing the conversation and being so positive!


      1. It indeed is Isobel. My older brother died almost seven years ago of cancer. My mom hasn’t recovered yet, and I guess she never will. She is the strongest woman I know: she manages to smile and be around, but I know part of her died with my brother.
        It goes beyond nightmares and words.


        1. Oh goodness, Gabriela. My heart goes out to your mom and to you. How tragic for your brother losing his life so young, and for those left behind to deal with the grief. I’m so sorry.


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