Happy Ramadan


Quite a few of my friends are celebrating Ramadan this month. According to the ISCC (Islamic Supreme Council of Canada) Ramadan starts in 15 minutes – that would be Saturday, August 22. So, to everyone celebrating…my friends and my readers…Ramadan Karim! I hope you enjoy good friends and family, good food and everything else that brings you peace and happiness during the holiday.


8 thoughts on “Happy Ramadan

  1. Ramadan Karim to you too Isobel
    I hope the true spirit of this and other occasions lives on and on for the whole year… for all the time to come.


  2. RAMADAN KARIM to you dearest Isobel and to everyone around the globe!

    I second Abufares … Ramadan is such a beautiful time if there are friends or family celebrating it together with!



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