I’m a Twitter Flunky

twitter addictsI tried it and I just don’t get it. I mean, I really did try and yes, I’m still a user…I didn’t totally quit. But I know my last update was about a week ago and with only the ten or so people I’m following…I’ve been lost in the pile up that happened since then. I even had the twitter gadget thingy on my Google homepage and found it mildly interesting to peruse what people were saying. But I still don’t know what RT means…is that Read This? I guess I need the Twiticon or whatever you call it.

What I really want to know is this. How do people find something to update about constantly? What do you do? Sit at your desk all day, read every news site, and tweet any tidbit that comes your way? If that’s it, then how do you have time to do anything else? You know…like…have a coffee, chat with your neighbour, go to the bathroom…stuff like that. I mean with the number of updates I’ve seen collect in one day, its a miracle these Twitterers don’t have thrombosis in their legs!

Or is it that I have not learned the knack for making every mundane activity in my life a Tweetable event? And maybe this is where I have failed in Twitterworld. So let me attempt…if I pass you tell me.

“Drinking water from Thermos water bottle. Awesome hydration! RT: http://thewsreviews.blogspot.com/2009/02/thermos-quick-charge-bottle.html.”

So even if you think my Tweet is passable…know this – It took me a good 15 minutes to find anything about that particular bottle on the web. If I need to get in…say…five or more tweets an hour…I’m screwed. So I probably failed there anyway. I’m a Twitscrace. Sigh.

I don’t know how you Twitterers do it…but please don’t send me a tweet with a suggestion because I’ll likely miss it. Somebody just email me please or better yet…CALL ME!! Thanks.


10 thoughts on “I’m a Twitter Flunky

  1. -sitting behind desk reading I’m a Twitter Flunky
    -Just finished reading I’m a Twitter Flunky
    -looool, very funny this I’m a Twitter Flunky
    -commenting on I’m a Twitter Flunky

    – uuuhhh, can i go now and find something else to twitt about ?


  2. How come it’s called Twitter, but you Tweet on Twitter? Why don’t they call it to “TWIT” on Twitter? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate? 😉

    I have to admit, it’s for a generation to which I don’t belong. I like my vowels!!!


  3. I was about to make the same remark Brigand did.
    Twitter hasn’t got me yet. Most likely, it won’t get me at all. I really don’t think I have something that interesting to tell everybody, followers or not, or even worse, something that may seem interesting to others. But then again, I may be wrong!


    1. Well, Gabriela, I decided to try it out rather hesitantly. But I certainly cannot find anything interesting enough to update as frequently as some. I can understand if you’re working in a business where information is flying around everywhere and you want to tell people about new products, applications, business news, etc….but beyond that…really, my life is just not that interesting either…lol!


  4. Huhuhuh .. I am with you!!!!!!!! I tried as well and though God knows HOW enthusiastic I would be but it came differently. I don’t know why but somehow it just didn’t klick … probably if something very special came up I might reconsider it!

    Great to know I am not alone … !!


    1. Oh Karin! I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner!! 🙂 You are so not alone…it certainly hasn’t clicked for me either. Ah, well…we still have blogging and that works GREAT for us! 🙂


  5. If you are a “want to be celebrity” then I think yes, it’s up your alley. If not then – it’s not. I’m saying that the world has “look at me” types and others that are simply not like that. I have an entire page dedicated to this on my blog for precisely the same reason. I don’t get it. I’m not part of the ‘me” generation. I have no illusions of grandeur. What I am doing is just not that interesting. But where I go further than you Isobel is that – I don’t find tweets interesting either. I really don’t care. So – the entire process is lost on me. If I think somethign is “cool” I’ll e-mail or call my friends. Not strangers.


    1. Oh, for the most part, I don’t find them interesting either. There are a few twitterers who are actually quite humourous and don’t take themselves too seriously. Those are the ones I enjoy. Often they have links to amusing posts, or videos or whatever on the web. But the rest, I feel like Charlie Brown listening to his parents…wah wah wah waaah wa… 🙂 AND, you have to pick through the pile of the wah-wahs to find to find what you like. So not worth the time. Great to see you here!


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