Blogging Against The Production, Release, and Circulation of Hot Air

Written as a participant in the “Week of Blogging Against…” campaign.

DubyaNope. This isn’t about global warming. This is about another kind of global disaster. In our fast paced, information based world, bull shit flies faster than green grass through a goose! No sooner has some dim-witted, sanctimonious, narcissistic, short-sighted, prick who, for whatever idiotic reason, is seen as an authority, opened his/her mouth, the hot air that escapes gets passed around through the masses like marijuana at Woodstock. Politicians, religious figures, and sales people, newspaper tycoons, talk show hosts, and Hollywood actors, uninformed estheticians, opinionated cabbies, and gossiping grocers – they all talk and the airwaves are thick with drivel, the net clogged with gibberish. There’s a mighty cloud out there people, full of noxious gases – deceit, manipulation, hypocrisy and ignorance.

How do those of us searching for cleaner air cope? Well, I say, stop listening, stop acknowledging, and for heavens sake stop repeating! The wind in their sails will die, when their words fall on deaf ears. Sure, some of the information is cleverly disguised and needs to be parsed and analyzed before being discarded, but a lot of it, you know the moment you see it or hear it that it’s stale, if not rancid. And sure, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I’m entitled to ignore it if it chokes my airways. So who will join me? Say it people!



14 thoughts on “Blogging Against The Production, Release, and Circulation of Hot Air

  1. Thank you Isobel for joining us. Your choice of Mr. Hot Air Balloon himself is a perfect example of your elegant minimalism.
    It seems that the worst of dilemmas are inflicting the entire globe. Swine Flu might come and go but bullshit lingers forever.
    A great and entertaining read, but what’s new πŸ™‚


  2. Hear, Hear!!

    Sadly, in this information (is it really information??) overloaded world the easiest, quickest answer, spouted by the loudest mouths is the one most quickly and earnestly grasped as the solution. Until the next one.

    To me one of the dilemmas, as abufares mentions, is that people have to live their lives too. How many have the intellectual capacity, or the time, or the resources to sift through the noise from the real information, or to look upon any piece of information with a skeptical, critical eye? To do real research and to identify the logical fallacies of an argument. Most people don’t. I recently read a scientific paper (well just the abstract πŸ™‚ ) published by an author named Sam Harris. He did a study of people where he attached them to a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine and he presented to them statements that, in their minds, were either true or false. The areas of their brains that were activated when they heard statements with which they disagreed were the same areas that are activated when they feel nauseous, when they see something disgusting, or when they eat distasteful food. NOT the intellectual or creative parts of their brains that they use to solve math problems or design solutions. In other words, people hold their beliefs viscerally, and don’t arrive at them by reason.

    And that, to me, is oxygen for demagogues. And the world is full of them, all seeking power to further their own agendas, or line their pockets.

    And so I say again, Hear, Hear!!! Good post!!!

    Oh ya, and “NO MORE HOT AIR!!!”


    1. Thanks, Brigand. It is true that many people don’t have the time to look at every piece of information out there critically, and yes, immediate reactions to anything, really, are generally visceral. But what I’m saying is whether you find the claim agreeable is different than knowing or finding out whether its true or not. Somebody might say…faeries are beautiful. And I, thinking faeries are beautiful…as they are depicted…will agree. However, I also know there is no such thing as faeries. So if they were to say further, if you take a faerie into your life, it will protect you from all that’s bad. I’d say BS – as lovely and nice as it would be if it were true. Now maybe I’m more critical than some, and I know much of the information out there is more insidious…the fallacies aren’t as obvious…my suggestion is that people be a little less eager to accept information as it is given to them whether or not they agree or disagree with it. Anyway, you make a good point and I agree completely with your summary of the way demagogues manipulate…everything. Thanks again for joining the fight!


  3. YOU BET I will join you!! The phenomenon of “much too much hot air and nothing behind” exisit probably since the dawn of time, but in our time, Mr. George W. (as briliant example) excelled and served all of us, naive and non-naive alike, a LOT of BS and hot air on a silver platter!

    It is our darn right to select, dissect and pick apart every message to it’s bones and then figure out what is just hot air and a desperate attempt of those loser-wanna-be’s to pretend to know better than anyone else … or if there is some substance behind it.

    I really like the “… full of noxious gases – deceit, manipulation, hypocrisy and ignorance.” YES, YES and .. YES, I agree!!! Abufares writes about Swine flu coming and going – even the bubonic plage came and went … but the garbage of those wanna-be’s grows roots and shoots up faster that weed!

    Thanks Isobel … GREAT POST!!


    1. Oh, and by the way, Karin…I always wanted an excuse to put the stupidest picture of Dubya I could find next to a blog post!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!! Not that it was hard to find a stupid picture of him…;)


    1. Well, welcome to my blog, Ana Sourie and thank you!! I love being a DTM!! Great fun!! πŸ™‚ Imagine the crap people would get away with if it weren’t for us warriors!! lol!! πŸ™‚


  4. Hahaha … I guess you did it – with the stupid picture I mean! However – each time you think you found a stupid one … there’s an even dumber one right around the corner!
    I’m “happy” with this one though … πŸ˜‰


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