Wishing everyone a happy Christmas full of love and laughter.

Let it Snow!

(A little music from one of my favourite Christmas albums! Enjoy!)

Let it Snow – Ella Fitzgerald


12 thoughts on “Christmastime

    1. Thanks, Omar! Do you brave the stores on boxing day??? I stay as far away as possible. It’s really not a good deal to me if I have to endure a splitting headache to get something on sale. 🙂


      1. Here in Perú, we don´t know anything about Boxing Day. In fact, I just learned about it some two years ago. But your comment made me think about a comment I heard from one of my cousins-in-law (does that exist?). She works is very big store department here in Lima, and she said once that the worst day of the year is December 26th. Not even the 24th (the 25th those stores remain closed), and the reason is all the people returning items or changing them. Not sales actually. Those come by early January.


        1. Sorry for the late reply, Gabriela…it used to be that way here…people returning stuff. Now I think most stores have made a rule that you can’t return on the 26th you can just buy stuff on sale. You have to wait for the 28th and afterward I think for the returns. Either way, it’s insane and I’m just not that anxious to get stuff on sale.


    1. Thanks for your wishes, Fantasia. Sorry to reply so late. I had an enjoyable time with family. I hope you had a lovely holiday too. I will try to get back to regular posts as soon as I wrap up with home renos which seem to be taking most of my time. Not really complaining…just anxious to get back to normal. 🙂


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