Utah: Illegal Miscarriages

Well, this is scary. They are considering passing a law in Utah that would make “reckless” miscarriages illegal. The woman can go to jail for life if found guilty. In Utah…how often do you think the woman would be given the benefit of the doubt? See here for more on this bill, which has already passed in the legislature, that could lead to serious miscarriages of justice.


8 thoughts on “Utah: Illegal Miscarriages

  1. Shouldn’t the US Government be more concerned with the State of Utah as a national threat to the “American way of life” than its ongoing meddling in Afghanistan?

    Who is more insane, an American born and raised Sen. Margaret Dayton or the the “All Saudi” Bin Laden???


    1. No kidding, Abufares. Sometimes I think Americans are becoming everything that they fear and rail against. The more religious they are, the more strident they become, and the scarier it is to live there. I know not all Americans are like this but it seems the extremists, especially after Dubya, are making serious inroads to mainstream.


    1. It’s a great way of getting around Roe vs Wade isn’t it? I really don’t see how they can even legally pass this bill. I mean, anyone seeking an abortion (not that clinics are readily available in Utah) could be considered causing reckless miscarriage don’t you think?


  2. May we please go with my excellent plan of turning the entire state of Utah into a giant kitten farm now? I really think the time is ripe.


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