Isobel’s Kick-ass Veggie/Rice Soup

Yup. I made this one up all by myself. In a time of colds and flu there’s nothing better than a good ol’ soup in chicken broth. Ok, granted, making a veggie/rice soup is a no-brainer but making it good is the key and this time I succeeded if I do say so myself! Keep in mind, I was basically emptying out the fridge so if you have a different collection of veggies, feel free to use them. Really, anything goes…but this combo was pretty good. In the end I divided the soup into two pots, one I left mild for the kids and the other I spiced up for the adults. The adult version is what I would refer to as “kick-ass”! So here we go…

Isobel’s Kick-ass Veggie/Rice Soup

Big Pot o’ water (I didn’t measure the cups, but I filled a soup pot about 2/3 full)
Chicken Bouillon
1 Onion sliced
2 Green Onions (I use scissor to cut slices)
2 Carrots sliced thinly
2 zucchinis sliced
1/2 540 ml can of Black-eyed Beans
1/4 cup rice or pasta (I used Basmati rice)
1 bay leaf
pinch black pepper
2 pinches ginger
2 pinches cumin
(the amount of spice used can vary according to your taste)
(I didn’t add salt because there is a lot in chicken bouillon already)

At this point I brought it to a boil and let it simmer until the veggies were tender. Then I divided it into two pots and added the following to one pot for a spicy soup:

2 cloves garlic, grated
A few peppercorns
2 pinches crushed chili peppers
2 pinches red pepper (cayenne)
(I used both but I think they’re the same thing…one is just more powdery than the other. If anyone can tell me more about peppers I’d be happy because Wikipedia only confused me more)
(again, adjust to your taste – but this did make it pretty hot – and if you want to make the entire pot spicy without dividing it, add a bit more of the spices given above)

Serve with bread or crackers and enjoy!

If anyone has any suggestions for additions to the soup that I and the other readers can try, please feel free to let us know!


16 thoughts on “Isobel’s Kick-ass Veggie/Rice Soup

  1. 1- Tabasco
    2- Tabasco
    3- Tabasco

    You asked for additional suggestions didn’t you? 🙂

    It’s serious ass-kicking with my 3 secret ingredients above.

    Looks very yummy indeed. Thank you for sharing your recipes.


    1. Well, em, Abufares…I don’t think I’d add Tabasco to the recipe but I’d provide a bottle on the table if you’re coming for dinner! 🙂 You can add as much as you’d like.


  2. Around the corner from my house, there is a restaurant specialized in what we know here as menú: food already prepared, almost ready to be served. Every day you can find six different options for entrée and other six for main dish.
    Well, every day you have a soup as one of the entrées options. I buy a one to go almost every day for lunch.
    This recipe of yours made me think of that other soup.


  3. Yum yum indeed my dear!!!!!!!!!!

    If you’re looking for a “recipe” to counteract the sneezes and sniffles though – I have another thing to offer you: ZINC!
    As RN (of 37 years) I am chronically suspicious of chemistry and how these kind of viral ailments, as nasty as they are, are treated and LOVE to resort to something NON-chemical! A pharmacist in Munich told me about ZINC many years ago and initially I hadn’t really paid attention … you know, this “ok, just let him talk-attitude”! The following winter though I remembered the guy, decided what the heck – and got me ZINC at the pharmacy (no perscription necessary). I took it and couldn’t believe it … I hadn’t fallen ill except a very short and light bout of sniffles and sneezes which was gone in no time and MUCH easier to handle that usually. Usually I had a BAD cold beginning and end of winter … I could literally WAIT for it!

    Since that year I made it my routine to take ZINC (at least) during the flu-season, every day (or at least as often as I remember).

    As to ZINC itself – go to Wikipedia and scroll down to “Medicinal” … you’ll see.

    In case there’s someone who has an allergy (which I personally have never heard of) or ANY adverse reaction – I won’t take responsibility! It is what works for ME … and a gazillion others … so – if you want to try – GO AHEAD!

    The ZINC I have at home has 50mg per caplet (white, elongated somethings) which constitutes 333% of the daily value – so one MUST be covered! I do NOT KNOW if it is appropriate for children to take … you’d indeed have to consult a physician/pediatrician!

    Let me know what you think!


    1. Oh, Karin, this is great to know! I shall try it next year. We have a constant run on of colds and stuff here and any buffer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the tip! 🙂


  4. You’re most welcome dear!! 🙂

    You can even try it till spring arrives … this is usually the time which falls between the chairs: not really winter anymore though not spring yet – thus FLU TIME!

    Remember – for children you really should consult a pediatritian … I have no experience with zinc in connection with kids!

    I have an old but VERY WELL WORKING grandmother recipe (tried it out myself!!) for this kind of cough which seems to be stuck in your chest like a stone … would you be interested? Let me know …

    Big hug!


    1. I got some this morning, Karin. Will give it a go!! 🙂 Hugs to you too.

      Oh, and yes, please…send me your recipe…or better yet…post it on your blog. 🙂


    1. Oh, Fantasia, too bad. You know, it’s funny. Normally I don’t like food too spicy…but I love some of the Asian spicy soups…like Hot and Sour. I was attempting to recreate that taste even though I wasn’t sure of the ingredients. Not to bad for a shot in the dark. The mild version was pretty good according to the kids…they ate it all. 🙂


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