Photographic Delight

I don’t claim to be any sort of serious photographer, but I do enjoy going out and trying to capture anything I find beautiful. Sometimes it works, sometimes…not so much. But usually, if I’m lucky, I’ll get one or two shots that stand above the rest. Surprisingly, this can bring a lot of satisfaction even after spending a whole day looking through the lens and taking hundreds of shots.

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend an Aboriginal festival at Old Fort William in Thunder Bay. The festival was a collaboration between the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and the fort. Called Anishnawbe Keeshigun, the festival commemorates and celebrates “the culture of all First Nation people while highlighting the positive contributions the Ojibwa, Cree, and Ojicree collectively made to Canadian history.” (Bayview Magazine) Quite a few different nations attended from within Canada and some from the United States. I arrived at the fort just in time for the pow-wow which included an opening ceremony, dancing, singing, and drumming. Luckily I had my camera with me, because I nearly went berserk over all the gorgeous textures and colours. I also wished to capture the graceful movement of the talented dancers…something that is a little more challenging for the camera.

I lost track of the photos for a while when I switched computers at home. The other day I found them on a backup CD (thank goodness for backups) when I was looking for something else. I was thrilled. So, without further ado, here are some photos that I took on that day. I’m pretty happy with them and I hope you enjoy them. For the full set (nearly 30 photos) see the photostream on my Flickr page.


6 thoughts on “Photographic Delight

  1. What a beautiful array of splendid photographs. Thank you for sharing and bringing this particular topic to your blog. The history of the Native Nations of North America is a superficially known subject to most. This post and the couple of hours I spent reading afterward brought to light a magnificent history and a cultural treasure about a great people that have been neglected far too long, at least outside your beautiful country.
    Again, thank you and I look forward more posts of this kind.


  2. Beautiful pictures, indeed!
    I always think that countries in general must take into consideration all nations that are part of that country. Is the only way to live in peace and considering every individual with their own uses and traditions and History and everything.
    It’s always a delight to read a post from you.
    All the best!


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