I hadn’t really planned to write anything today. I thought about writing about the Chilean miners…fantastic news piece…but everyone knows about it. I couldn’t be happier for them and their families and it was a very uplifting story…not the usual gloom and doom you hear in the news. It’s also Blog Action Day. Everyone is writing about water. I didn’t sign up…why? I’m not sure. I couldn’t get inspired to write anything about water. Maybe it’s because we’re so spoiled here in Canada with beautiful clean water…except for the Great Lakes…well, maybe there is a blog post there. I’ll have to think about it. It’s only 9:30 am here. I’ve got the whole day.

I was, however, pleased to receive a simple email this morning from fellow blogger, Gabriela, pointing me to a story she had written. I had seen the story on her blog several weeks ago but the translation from Spanish to English hadn’t captured the depth of the story. I was so happy to see that she had translated it for Rammenas and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to pass it along to all of you. As a mother or a son or daughter, I will guarantee you will find this story heartwarming. Excellent writing, Gabriela. I hope to see more!


9 thoughts on “Green

  1. Thank you very much for the link, Isobel. How sweet of you!
    The story about the miners is simply unbelievable. In Peru we were all in a state of expectation as I suppose was the whole world.
    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks for the link Isobel
    Gabriela was sweet enough to tell me about it earlier this morning.
    I like this girl πŸ™‚
    But she already knows that!


  3. Hey there,
    I noticed your comment on Rammenas and followed you here. I was pleasantly surprised to see another OUT compaign sign on a blog, just like mine! so that is already something in common between us, plus we both know and like Gabriela. πŸ™‚ So I just wanted to say nice to meet you, will keep an eye on your blog from now on.


    1. Hi Scary Azeri! Thanks for dropping by. So we’re fellow “Outers” are we? πŸ˜‰ Fantastic. I’ll keep an eye on your blog too and add you to my blogroll. All the best.


      1. It’s nice you two met! I’m glad I was the one to be blamed for!
        It’s kind of overwhelming to see that such wonderful people like me.
        One of the blessings of blogging.
        My best to all of you!


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