His Highness the Aga Khan: Speech for Pluralism

Last night, I was fortunate enough to catch most of this speech by the Aga Khan on the CBC radio. His was the opening lecture for the 10th annual Lafontaine-Baldwin Symposium at Koerner Hall in the Royal Conservatory in Toronto which took place in October of last year. His highness spoke most eloquently about pluralism and diversity, not only in Canada, but in history and worldwide.

I found the speech captivating and I would like to share it here with you. Below you will find a video taken after the symposium of people’s reactions to the Aga Khan’s speech as well as excerpts from the his speech. Following that will be a link to the entire speech which is well worth the read. Enjoy.

For full speech see: Lecture by His Highness the Aga Khan: The LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture (Toronto, Canada)


9 thoughts on “His Highness the Aga Khan: Speech for Pluralism

  1. Excellent read (I followed your link to the entire Aga Khan lecture). Pluralism is indeed civilization’s only hope to rise above and avoid the tragedies of the past.
    A 20 minute drive up the mountains then down a deep valley will put you in the middle of the beautiful Nahr Al-Ismailieh area. This is where the Aga Khan held a rally in 2008 and slept overnight, and where thousands of his loyal followers have been living for centuries. Although the Ismailis are an Islamic minority in Syria they have contributed tremendously to its exquisite pluralist tapestry. No place else in the world is this more evident than in my beloved Tartous 🙂 Although I’ve already posted about Nahr Al-Ismailieh you’ve inspired me to revisit the valley with the intention of writing a new post and/or taking photos.


    1. Thank you, Abufares. I’m very happy to know you took the time to read the excellent speech. I shall have to go and look for your old post on Nahr Al-Ismailieh and will certainly look forward to a new one!


      1. Isobel

        May I suggest a comprehensive book about the Aga Khan and the Ismaili community for you? It’s called A Portrait in Pluralism: Aga Khan’s Shia Ismaili Muslims. Beautifully written it is souvenir edition published to mark Aga Khan’s Golden Jubilee.


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