Facebook Fanatic

Yes, so I admit it. I’m a bit of a Facebook junkie. I don’t think I’ll even delve into the psychology of that, it may reveal more truths than I’m prepared to handle but suffice it to say, I get a rush from the pretty constant interaction there. The negative side, well, I’m sure there are many but the one I’m prepared to talk about is that Facebook has dragged me away from blogging. Truthfully, I haven’t felt much like writing. Certainly not because I’ve failed to form an opinion on anything lately, but more because it’s easier to post a quip, or a link on Facebook than it is to sit down and write well formed thoughts. Of course, that’s supposed to be the joy of writing, but when you’re lacking in time, it becomes more frustration than it’s worth.

So I’m sitting and staring at my blog wondering if a facelift might bring back focus to my efforts. I might be so enchanted by it’s look that I can’t help but be drawn here to write. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but one can dream. WordPress has a lot of lovely themes to offer and I think I tried almost all of them on for size, except that I bypassed this one thinking that it wasn’t right for my needs. After all the other failed to meet my (apparently strict) criteria, out of desperation, I took a closer look at this one. Well, low and behold, if it didn’t have a Facebook-style entry system. When logged in, I can enter a status update, a complete blog post, a quote, or a link, right on the front page – just…like…Facebook.

Right! I said. This, as sad as it is, may actually encourage me to come here more often! Instead of posting political information on Facebook, which goes mainly ignored by the majority of people who are there for “light” social interaction, I shall post it here for all you news and politics junkies. But don’t worry, I shall spare you the details of my recent coffee break or my thoughts on the daily weather phenomenons (unless, of course, it’s terribly blog-worthy).

I’m feeling rather proud of myself for tricking my own sly self this way…let’s see how long I can keep the wool over my eyes!


6 thoughts on “Facebook Fanatic

  1. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t use Facebook: it drags you out of the real world. I’m aware a blog is also part of the virtual world, but I feel it’s more like a one-to-one writing, rather than the one in Facebook: you write openly to see who “catches” your words. Anyway, it’s my opinion.
    Bottom line: it’s always nice to read anything new from you.


    1. Yes, Facebook, like Twitter, is all about quips and blurbs. You can’t even consider it writing. Funny thing is, as much a fan I am of FB I cannot get into Twitter. I’ve made a few attempts and gave up quickly. I think my mind works better for blogging – longer, more thought out pieces, and, like you said, I enjoy the one-on-one feeling of blogging. Time is the real killer…I need to learn to write faster. Lol! It’s always nice to see you here Gabriela. 🙂


  2. I had a feeling that FB is greatly responsible for your less frequent blogging. There’s nothing wrong with being connected on social networks. As a matter of fact, FB was allegedly the brewing ground for the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Yet, I personally cannot find anything there beyond pure entertainment. For all that it’s worth FB is a fad. The day will come when its fate wouldn’t be that much different from Yahoo’s or that of other once-upon-a-time celebrated sites.
    Until then I hope you overcome your mild addiction and enthrall us with your beautiful writing.


    1. Of course, FB is pure entertainment…although there are a few who use it to forward information on causes and politics. It gets information out quickly…I think I followed most of the information on Egypt through Facebook…looking at statuses and clicking on links, etc. And, like you said in your article on Facebook, many bloggers have turned to fb because they feel they have a bigger and more interactive audience. Well, I’m not looking for an audience, I just want to write and get my thoughts out and that was part of what tipped me back toward my blog instead of trying to “enlighten” my Facebook friends. 🙂 Thanks, Abufares for your thoughts and support…as always. 🙂


  3. Yes, I was a reluctant FB user for a few years after someone close to me signed me up. I barely got on. About 6 months ago I began to get on more frequently and became hooked. I started to have access to a great deal of learning quickly and I loved it. After this period I have now realized that I view FB in a different light than a significant number of people do. I view it as a way of bringing about awareness for social change, however, a great number of people are not moved by those kinds of posts but rather by lighter newsfeeds, or they are too busy focusing on their own feeds to actually interact. As for twitter, I have tried it but I just don’t get it at all. On the positive side, through FB I have gotten in touch with some people and great causes I never would have otherwise so perhaps as in everything there are the good and the bad. Balance, I suppose, is the key; using each medium to its advantage to help us attain our goals. I think your blog touched more of your creative side while in FB it is the instant gratification from the social connections. Thats all…just random thoughts.


    1. Hi Filiatra. I’m sorry that I missed replying to your comment. It was particularly articulate and I do appologize for not getting back to you. The interesting thing is now I am no longer on Facebook and I find it very refreshing, to tell you the truth. I know you had many great connections for your cause and that is social networking at it’s best. At it’s worst it eats up time, if you allow it to, and takes it away from other more positive pursuits. You have used Facebook to it’s best advantage and to that I say, well done. 🙂 Thank you for commenting.


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