Terrifying Tornados

This morning I listened with horror as they described on the news the terrible storms and tornadoes that ripped through some of the southern US states.I have a sort of horrid fascination with tornadoes, as I suppose most people do. The one that touched down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was reported to be a mile wide and rated a 5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. I can’t even fathom something that big or ferocious. Apparently it was one of 160 tornadoes that hit the area. I’ve never seen a tornado in real life and now that I have children, I’m not at all interested in witnessing a funnel cloud forming. We just experienced wind gusts at 100 km/h which did some serious damage. An EF5 tornado reaches wind speeds three times (or more) than that. I just shake my head. How terrifying.

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones, and to those who lost their homes to the storms.


4 thoughts on “Terrifying Tornados

  1. I’ve seen the news too. Here in Peru, there is always present the threat of earthquakes and trembles. I think that’s enough for us. To add tornadoes and hurricanes and tropical storms would be too much.
    My heart is with the ones affected, too.


    1. Yes, Gabriela, the threat of earthquakes is definitely plenty to deal with. Fortunately for us here in Ontario, there is little threat of anything. Certainly the odd tornado has passed through (no where near an F5 but certainly destructive) but there might be 20 years in between the incidences. Earthquakes are more common but the mag 4 we experienced last year was unheard of. I guess this is why we freeze our butts off for half the year and fend off mosquitoes for the other half. Everyone has to pay their dues. Be safe. Always.


  2. I lived in the Southern US for years and I’ve witnessed several storms of terrifying magnitude. Never a tornado though. We are all inflicted by violence it seems. But the way I look at it is that no matter how violent nature turns out to be it’s nowhere near as vicious and savage as what humans are capable of doing to fellow humans. An untimely death carries the seeds of tragedy by definition. We might die trying to avoid a freakish tornado unleashed by nature or dodging a bullet from the gun of an occupier or a tyrant.


    1. I agree, Abufares. Humans are very destructive. I believe that the increase of the occurences of these storms are due to humans as well. The world’s foremost scientists and climatologists say that global warming is caused by deforestation, coal fired plants, and excessive use of vehicles and other carbon causing emmissions. Who am I to argue with them? I often wonder if it will be too late before we realize that we have to change our ways – both toward the earth and other humans.


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