Spring at Home

Spring has finally sprung and we’ve seen loads of blossoms appear in the sunshine (we just had about a week’s worth). Now it’s raining and everything is turning the most vibrant shade of green. I don’t know if aging brings a certain impatience for cold and rotten weather but I’m seriously considering donning my bermuda shorts, coral nailpolish, and oversized sunglasses and heading south with the other “snow birds” next winter. Oh, wait…my kids have school. Ok, well I’m planning for 2023. Sigh. Until then and for now, I am enjoying revelling in the beauty of spring. These photos were taken in my own yard. Enjoy.

Plum Tree Blossoms

Bleeding Heart

Brilliant Creeping Jenny

Apple Blossom Bud


16 thoughts on “Spring at Home

    1. Thank you, Abufares. πŸ™‚ You know I have to admit, I’m usually surprised when more than one photo turns out well. Especially when I spend half the time fighting with/swearing at my camera. Lol! It doesn’t like to take close up shots and that’s one of my favourite types of photos. Some of them are not focused as well as I’d like but I love the subject anyway.


  1. Loved the pictures! If you knew my girls, they would tell you how much I love nature especially flowers : ) I think you did a wonderful job with your close ups, even if you are complaining about your camera and what not. I hope the weather improves soon, so you can really go out in your Bermudas with the coral nail polish and the big sunglasses, please take a picture then too! PS. I think I stole your nail polish. Coral shiny nail polish on my fingers, and Silver on my toe nails! LOL


    1. Hey!! Hebe! Give it back!! What if I get a chip??? On the cruise??? And I can’t get an exact match??? Oh well…I’ll have to switch to peach. πŸ˜€
      Thanks for your compliments on the photos. Flowers are incredibly beautiful. How drab the world would be without them. πŸ™‚


      1. How do you attach photos to messages over here? I found an Opi Nail Polish site where you can try different nail polish on a hand that can be adapted to your skin color and length of nails???!!! Crazy ah? Still it was kind of fun. Anyway, I was going to send your nail polish back, but do not know how to attach the picture… So, I’m keeping it.



    1. Cooler!! Ha ha ha!…Ok…you’re idea of cooler is what? Instead of 25 it’s 15? Honestly, Peru has one of the most ideal climates for me. The temperature rarely goes above or below the range I enjoy most. Enjoy your fall! I may be there with my bermuda shorts soon…. πŸ˜‰


        1. Yes, Gabriela. Humidity definitely makes the winters colder and the summers hotter. Ottawa is usually between 40 and 60 percent but sometimes we go up high – especially in the summer.


  2. Beautiful pictures – we just had a rainy, dreary weekend so your shot of spring came at just the right time πŸ™‚


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