Unbelievable Cruelty – Hamzeh al-Khateeb

Emotionally, I cannot write much about this 13 year old child except to say that he was tortured, mutilated, and killed in custody of Syrian Security sometime between April 29th and May 21st. He was from the city of Daraa where there have been many large demonstrations against the Assad regime which often end in violent attacks by the Syrian forces. Many demonstrators there have been arrested or killed but this death was more than anyone could take. For the full story, please see this BBC article.

My only hope, and I’m sure I share it with many others, is that his death was not in vain and that his story will bring about the demise of an unbelievably ruthless and cruel regime. My wishes are that the light of his young soul will bring peace to a country and that the world will not forget him.

Rest in Peace, dear Hamzeh.


7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Cruelty – Hamzeh al-Khateeb

  1. Rest in peace, Hamzeh.
    Just like you, there are times when I feel ashamed of some human? beings. I wish that Hamzeh’s death, as all the other senseless deaths, may not be in vain.
    I can understand passion, but I can’t understand such violence. Let alone, I can’t understand such violence against a 13 year old boy.


    1. I suspect, Gabriela, that his torture and death were supposed to be a warning message. But it’s a message that completely backfired on the perpetrators. May they go to hell and may the work of all the protesters, alive and dead, bring them and their country freedom.


  2. Very well expressed sentiments about a horrible and senseless situation, Isobel. My thoughts go the same way as yours.

    Peace and equality is needed all over the world.


  3. I read this post soon after it was published and I intended to comment first thing Friday morning (my time). The internet was down all over Syria for 24 hours. It was the latest idiocy from a government that has absolutely nothing to offer except cruelty and excessive use of force against its own people.
    30 children have been killed so far in Syria since the demonstrations calling for freedom have started around mid-March and from the look of it many more will fall still. Yesterday, Friday the 3rd of June, 2011 was one of the most violent to date. It had also witnessed a massive outpouring of peaceful demonstrations with over 200 individual ones reported. The government responded with live ammunition.
    Something gotta give, sooner or later… and its not going to be the people .
    Thank you for bringing the subject of Hamzeh Al-Khatib to your blog. He has become synonymous with the Syrian desire and will for freedom.


    1. Abufares, I worried when I didn’t see your comment. I have been trying to follow the revolutions in the Middle East and North Aftrica but have been paying special attention to Syria because I have many friends there, like you. I know that Friday was a particularly bloody day but I also know that it was a day when the children who have been killed were remembered. I did not, in any way, want to diminish the tradgedy of any other death by only posting about Hamzeh’s (I know you weren’t suggesting that I was) but I can see that he has already become a synmbol of the Syrian people’s need for freedom and I wanted to bring his story to as many people as I could.

      Stay safe please.


    2. Every time I see news about Syria (mostly bad news lately, unfortunately), I think of you Abufares. I tend to feel that the world is head over heels. As you say, something’s gotta give. Sooner or later. Let’s hope for sooner and may freedom prevail.


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