Everyone Loves a Good Kiss

Ok, call me a romantic, but really, when I saw the photo of the young couple who were caught kissing during the riots in Vancouver two nights ago, my heart melted. According to news reports, she, a Canadian girl, had been knocked over by a policeman’s shield and had hit her head on the pavement. Her boyfriend, an Australian, was comforting her and simply kissed her as part of his comforting. This is when the photographer, Richard Lam, caught this beautiful moment in time.

Of course this made me think of other moving kisses, most namely the VJ Day kiss by Alfred Eisenstaedt that became a symbol of the end of World War II.

Then my mind moved to art.

These pieces are certainly beautiful. The skill of the artists and the subject matter combined make them a pleasure to behold. But, for me, they don’t have the same effect as the photos above. We are fortunate to have the art of photography to capture such beautiful moments in time which otherwise, except to the people involved, would be lost to the rest of the world. Perhaps such intimacy isn’t meant for the world, yet, I think it makes us pause and smile, and for a moment have faith in humanity. Daily, we are bombarded with photos of strife and death and perhaps that is why we are so drawn to the tenderness and romance of a spontaneous kiss.


12 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Good Kiss

  1. While I was reading your post, I was thinking about that famous kiss, from the end of WWII. Et voila! There was the picture.
    I remember a TV ad we had some time ago, for a website where people buy and sell things. There was this boy who sold a kiss and there was this girls who bought a kiss. The slogan is: where you buy and sell everything. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAOMyIJxym8
    It’s lovely!


    1. That ad is adorable, Gabriela! 🙂 Thanks for the link. And yes, I think many people associate the VJ Day photo as the most famous photo of a kiss…at least on this side of the world.


  2. “Romantic!” You asked to be called as such and I’m only complying.
    Shortly after the “kiss” was published online I found myself mesmerized by the intensity of the lovers. The VJ Day kiss certainly commemorate a historic moment in time rather than an idiotic riot after a hockey game but Richard Lam caught the perfect kiss. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful frozen in time. This is THE KISS.
    You can call me Romantic too. Great post as usual.


      1. You know Gabriela, the police officer bugged the hell out of me at first. But come to think of it, years from now his presence would be the credible element in the shot.
        What I like a lot about this picture is the way the girl’s legs are exposed and it’s not just because she has pretty legs. It simply adds to the intensity of the situation and brings focus and meaning. Yup, meaning! Don’t ask me how, but it does 🙂


        1. You made me see a totally different perspective for that police agent. But, a little step to the left… and we wouldn’t be admiring this instant captured forever.


    1. Ok, Romantic! 😉 I agree that the Vancouver kiss is far more intense than the VJ Day one because of the situation. I suppose, at the time though, that VJ Day kiss was also considered intense. Let’s face it, society is a lot more intense about everything than it ever was. It’s all relative. 🙂


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