The Cottage Slow Down

My view to the lake.
Going to the cottage always brings about a huge change in routine and lifestyle. There’s no specific time to do anything, no appointments, and no deadlines. You really only have to listen to your internal clock for waking, eating, and other such essentials. Life is much simpler in such a way that it forces one to slow down even if you didn’t want to. But really, who wouldn’t want to? Within a few hours I can feel my body and mind relaxing and settling into a completely different mode. Normally, however, it takes almost a week to reach a truly relaxed state, especially to forget about one’s job and surrender yourself to the peace of cottage country.

I tend to be a fairly active person. Not in the sense that I’m always running around, although I do a lot of that too, but I get bored easily and am constantly trying to find ways to entertain myself. I enjoy writing, obviously, so if I can find a few hours of relative quiet I can bang out several paragraphs either for my blog or one of the collection of stories I’m in the midst of writing. At the cottage that becomes a lot easier than at home especially if the kids have found something to keep them occupied at the same time. It was quickly discovered that a morning of activity for both me and the kids, plus some electronic devices thrown in, is the recipe for very pleasant and peaceful afternoons.

Today, the Monday of the Civic Holiday, I’m sitting comfortably on my deck, netbook on my lap, and overlooking the lake. The waters have a slight ripple to them due to the lovely northerly breeze and the wake of motor boats which are continually moving up and down the lake. In moments when the sound of the motors dies down, one can only hear the lazy activity of neighbours, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, and the buzz of hummingbirds at the feeder in the birch tree. If that doesn’t inspire some creative writing, I don’t know what will. It also inspires heavy eyelids which I’m trying to avoid but the temptation to nod off is growing stronger by the minute. Oh well, what else have I got to do?…


4 thoughts on “The Cottage Slow Down

  1. What a beautiful view, all the more so by your one of a kind writing. As one of your readers I’m lucky you’re being inspired by nature and precious moments of solitude.
    Enjoy it while it lasts. As always, I can’t wait to read more from you.


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