Friday Flash File: Got Your Owl?

According to the shops in my neighbourhood, the owl is the decorative item to have this fall. They’re everywhere and you can probably find one to suit your style. You can get them as ornaments, candle holders, stuffed animals, salt and pepper shakers, on mugs and bowls and in art. You name it, I bet its been owled!

Let’s be honest…who wouldn’t want one? I got mine this afternoon from Pier 1 and, I mean, how cute is that?

What’s your favourite fall decoration?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


10 thoughts on “Friday Flash File: Got Your Owl?

  1. Funny how different animals symbolize different meanings for different cultures. An owl is considered a symbol of wisdom in North America while in the Middle East it’s an omen of bad luck, along with the crow.
    Being totally oblivious to premonitions of good or bad luck my aversion to the owl is simply because it’s an ugly bird. Consider my love for airplanes for a moment. I almost find all of them pretty, like I do most birds. But the Russian YAK 18T is simply an ugly beast no matter what angle you look at one from.
    PS Notice the hair raising resemblance between the YAK 18T and the ugly owl.

    Oh about my favorite fall decoration!!! Hummm, I’m in the middle of a project, a facelift really for my barroom. Being in a basement with no direct sunlight at all, plants have no chance of survival. Would you consider, if you were facing my dilemma, an artificial plant? I never liked them but I think under the circumstances they are my only option for a dash of greenery in an otherwise desolate environment.


    1. Well, I guess folks in the Middle East won’t be running out to get their “fall owl” and you especially won’t be. It is interesting how birds have been portrayed over the centuries in legends and how these legends still influence our thinking today. For instance, almost anywhere the raven (or crow)is a bird most people dislike, even fear. Native North American mythology portrays the raven as a trickster or messenger of death while the owl symbolizes wisdom, as you pointed out. I think both birds are beautiful in their own ways, even majestic. It’s the pigeon I dislike and I don’t think it made it to any mythology…if it did, it would likely be the simpleton. 🙂

      As for artificial plants, you can get some really nice and realistic looking ones these days. If you’re going to get one, make it a good one. I haven’t got an indoor plant in my entire house…very un-feng shui of me I know. I’m sure my Chi is bound and gagged in a dark closet somewhere but I tend to kill plants and am always impressed by people who can keep them looking so nice and alive! Good luck, Abufares, with your barroom facelift!


  2. Abufares – my Gran had a huge African violet growing business in her basement. She had UV lamps installed in one corner. Perhaps that is a solution? I know that many stores sell them here. You can get just one light bulb for a lamp.

    As for the Owl!! love the bird – I have seen a barn owl – with the heart shaped face … and there is nothing more beautiful. Long, white, sleek and deadly. The heart shaped face almost a mockery … considering the poor prey hanging from the beak!

    So – to honor the falls accessory – I will find a photo for my wallpaper for my pc. Since i dislike knick knacks …. will that do??


    1. Desktop wall paper is a great idea! Very creative. Although I did mention that adding the owl can be in many forms…not necessarily knick-knacks. A piece of art, fabric for a cushion, pottery…all these things I’ve seen with lovely, and not necessarily “folksy” owls on them. Glad you’re willing to participate in the owl trend! 🙂


    2. Thank you Sonja for the UV lamp idea although all I’m considering is one or two small plants in pots.The shape of the room (narrow with one very slanted wall) makes it hard to furnish and leaves 2 useless corners. I’m brainstorming with my interior designer to find a BIG solution to a SMALL problem. I plan to post a BEFORE & AFTER article on my blog when the works are done.

      As for owls, I don’t actually hate them as in HATE. Let’s just say that I find them aesthetically unpleasing. Again, I like to bring up the subject of airplanes. Although helicopters are great and all, it’s almost impossible to find a “good looking” one. Owls, like all animals, including humans, have utilitarian, yet often beautiful shapes, designed and honed by nature over millenniums. Even human design follow the same principle, however, although a bulldozer, a helicopter, a Hummer, a pelican, a hyena and an owl may have perfect shapes for their main roles, I find them aesthetically UGLY. Since our hostess’ Blog’s title refers to “the comfort of design”, I felt comfortable expressing my anti-owl sentiments 🙂


      1. Of course, Abufares, not everyone likes the same thing and I’m glad you felt comfortable expressing yourself here. As I’ve said, too, design is all about comfort and I could hardly see you feeling comfortable with owl eyes staring down at you from some dark corner of the room. Lol! I’m sure there are other ways you can comfortably celebrate fall…like a newly decorated “man-cave”! 🙂


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