Full-Scale Carpet Drawn by Hand

I was just about to start working on a new post when my eye caught this post by Jess Smart Smily on the WordPress homepage. If you love art and design, you’ll love seeing this man’s, Jonathan Bréchignac’s, ink work. It’s absolutely stunning. It reminds me of the projects we did in art history class – ink drawings of various art pieces from various periods – except his is a million times more impressive. I can certainly appreciate the time and concentration it takes. Please have a look!


6 thoughts on “Full-Scale Carpet Drawn by Hand

  1. I love Interior Designs. The pictures you put are more inspired in Modern and Contemporaneous designs. I love those geometric sculptures.


    1. Interior Design is a lot of fun and very interersting. Yes, most of the photos I’ve collected are more contemporary…so far. However, I’m just getting started. My love of design is not limited to any particular style. Thanks for your comment.


  2. WOW! I’m baffled by Jonathan Bréchignac’s perseverance. What came to my mind, however, is the handwork carried out by the craftsmen and craftswomen in the villages of Iran to produce some of the finer Persian carpets. Some specimen were entirely produced by the labor of one single artisan over a period of several years, nearing a decade at times. Mr. Bréchignac’s ink work is no less impressive. He chose to express his dedication and attention to details through his own medium and the result is evidently as awesome.


    1. Actually, Abufares, I did think about these carpet makers as I was studying the ink work. I imagine the carpet weavers in Iranian villages were paid very little for their painstaking work but their beautiful carpets would probably gather a mint in the rug market. Apparently, Mr. Brechignac plans to create a series of these amazing ink drawings. More power to him. You’re right, his perseverance is commendable.


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