Cozy Time

Today the temperatures here have dipped below 5 degrees Celsius. There’s a nip in the air you can’t ignore. Even my cats, who normally love prowling the neighbourhood, are snuggled inside on their perch showing no interest in the outdoors. It has taken about half a month longer than usual to get to this temperature…not that I’ve heard anyone complaining…but usually by now I’m well into the habit of warming by the fire and cooking stews and hearty soups. As I ushered the kids out the door to school, dressed in their winter coats and toques, the picture of a rustic cabin, a wisp of white smoke rising from the chimney, came into my mind. I wrapped my sweater around me and smiled. Cocooning time has arrived. What makes you feel warm and cozy?

A rustic cabin on the shores of Georgian Bay. I love the warmth of the wood and the enormous stone fireplace. I personally think a more comfy chair may be required there though.

This just looks, tidy, comfy, and cozy. I love the mix of antique and new, as well as the warm tones, of wood, pottery and gilt frames.

I just want to curl up in that brown leather chair but my favourite item in the photo is the kilim covered bench. I like the subtle exotic feel introduced by the art, brass, and sculpture.

Admittedly Early American/Canadian is one my favourite styles. I love the richness of the tapestry, and the patina of the antique wood pieces. I’m also enamored with the unadorned windows.

Modern. Not usually associated with cozy but I think the use of wood brings warmth, as well as the comfortable sofas and the simple but dramatic use of branches in the vase gives a lovely sense of comfort here.


12 thoughts on “Cozy Time

  1. I have been away but have just had the pleasure of catching up on your blog as I take a break from writing posts for mine. I love the examples and I love that last photo. For the longest time I was not into modern. Now as I slowly make my way to my 40’s it seems that modern has won me over. So I am happy to see an example of modern cozy – since so many seem to think the task impossible.

    I also really love your question! So I will honour it with a reply.

    In the past my answer would have been “rich warm colours”. But now … for me cozy is about textures. We add an area rug to our hardwood floors, a faux fur throw to the white couch … it is also white but the fur is so luxurious, like a big warm hug! And fire. We are on the hunt for a modern, ethanol fireplace to bring that cozy to our space. We also change our art around. We have more art than wall space so we rotate and in the spring summer the lighter pieces go up … now the heavier more solid ones have taken up residence.

    Great post!


    1. Hi Sonja. Your cozy sounds lovely. I agree that textures are paramount in creating a warm and comfortable environment. I do enjoy rich colours, but even an all white room can be warmed with candle or firelight and most definitely with art. Although my personal prefernce is quite the opposite of modern, I do appreciate it very much. I chose the modern photo precisely because of the skepticism towards it’s capability to be cozy. I think it can be very nice if done well.

      Hold on to your hats for my next post. I think you’ll find it very useful! Thanks for commenting. A pleasure as always.


      1. Oooh … now I am intrigued? maybe some help on the ethanol fireplace hunt? *wow really subtle right?*

        I appreciate you taking the time to be so inclusive. It takes a special designer to be able to go beyond their own vision and see what others are attracted to as well. Far too many are prisoners of their own tastes and have a way of manipulating them onto their clients. BIG Kudos!


        1. You’ll see soon enough. 🙂

          Thanks for the compliment. When asked whether or not I like a colour, I always say…if used in the right place it can be gorgeous. There are very few colours I don’t like, even though I have my definite favourites. This is kind of my outlook on design. If a space is put together well, it will look amazing no matter what the style is and that, I appreciate.


  2. Admittedly Early American/Canadian is one my favourite styles too, except that I would spell favourite the right way, favorite, lol.
    I love that room in the 4th picture. I would’ve preferred a slightly darker shade all over and a leather couch in the foreground. I love the curtainless windows as I’m not too keen on covering what is supposed to be a home’s eyes to the outside world.
    Never had a fireplace in any place I lived in although always wished for one. When the time is right I want an old fashioned hearth with real wood burning and cracking. Sonja and you rightly mentioned the importance of textures along with colors. I must add the importance of smell and sound which makes a place a home and a part of our living memory. A good bottle of wine, cheese and a baguette of French bread fill the last blank in indulging all the senses, well almost.


    1. Oh yes! smell … for me cozy = baking in that regard. Hot apple cider, cinnamon rolls in the oven … we have a faberge lamp and the oil we use in summer is a sea breeze scent – in winter we switch too … you guessed it apple cinnamon! Really good point Abufares. Smell is so vital.


    2. Ah my favourite Syrian-American who can be so…American. 😉 I’m with you, my friend, on Early American/Canadian…not spelling. Lol! And yes, I agree with you and Sonja, smell and sound make the room, but particularly smell. I love the scent of burning wood and definitely apple cinnamon. I bought one of those reed diffusers for the cottage called “Spiced Cake”. Omg! It’s amazing! Well, you’ve managed to set the mood, Abufares…I need some more wine. I always appreciate your “generous” comments.


    1. Oh Kinan, you moderniphobe! Bet you’ve never been called that before. 😉 There is something about modern interiors that has people divided into 2 camps…love and hate. Rarely do you find anyone in the middle. I enjoy rustic too although I’m not sure I could live in it all the time. But being at a cottage…the more woodsy and rustic the better! It definitely has a very cosy quality.


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