Science and Scientists: According to a Republican Strategist

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. See it for yourselves and tell me you didn’t laugh your head off…while your chin hits the ground in shock and dismay because this woman is a Republican strategist. Oh…my…god. Save your children!! Don’t let them near science and scientists! They’re all rapists! 😉

The Daily Show – October 26, 2011

(If for some reason you can’t view this video, go to and see the video from October 26th or Go to time mark 5:37.)


8 thoughts on “Science and Scientists: According to a Republican Strategist

  1. I saw this on Facebook. I thought it was all a Comedy Show because is seemed so impossible that someone would really believe all that she was saying. I still can not believe the woman was for real!!! She should be so ashamed now of her stupidity…



    1. I don’t think she’ll see her statements as stupid. She’ll just say that the Daily Show made her appear so. I think she truly believes what she said which is very frightening because, as a strategist, this would be the message she’s pushing in the political arena. Even worse than that, there are likely a lot of folks who agree with her.


    1. Not for them anyway. Have you seen the latest Rick Perry video? The insanity continues. A logical person would like to think that surely no one would fall for this lunacy…but sadly it seems there are a lot of lunies (not the Canadian dollar) in the world. Thanks for your comment!


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