Warming Trends: The Fireplace Reinvented

Without poetry, to live is simply to exist. ~ Dominique Imbert, Creator of Focus

For years now, fireplace trends seem to have been more concentrated on the look of the surround than the actual fireplace itself. All sorts of gorgeous materials have been introduced like concrete, cultured stone, and stainless steel to make the fireplace wall a beautiful focal point. But what about the actual box itself where the action happens? Certainly we’ve moved from horrid heat sucking monoliths to high efficiency inserts. The option for gas as opposed to wood-burning has become commonplace and easily accessible in North America. But essentially, the fireplace has remained a boring little box which can only be located in homes with venting capabilities.

Life Outside the Box
For those of you who would enjoy a little poetry in your lives, let me introduce you to life outside the box. A company called Focus, its headquarters in France, has reinvented the fireplace and proved that, with a little creativity, a fireplace (not just it’s surround) can be art. Focus fireplaces can be inserted into a wall, hung from a wall, or suspended from the ceiling. Many of these fireplaces can be either wood burning (with low CO2 emissions) or gas, but they have also created a Bioethanol burning fireplace which I will expand upon below. The thing which I think I appreciate most about their creations are that, although in the catalogue all the fireplaces are shown in modern spaces, they can easily suit a wide variety of styles. Let me show you some examples.





Going Green and Free
Bioethanol fireplaces are just starting to pop up around North America and Europe. Essentially, the combustion of ethanol creates only water vapour, making these types of fireplaces very easy on the environment. It also allows the fireplace to be placed anywhere in the home, even in apartments that were not built with any way to vent smoke and fumes of wood and gas. They create a warmth that is adjustable (like gas) and a fantastic ambiance from a table top or from within a wall.

According to their catalogue, Focus has only one model of Bioethanol fireplace but I suspect, as the popularity grows, they will produce others.


Do you think we really need to settle for a box? Certainly not.

For more information on Focus see their international website:

For more information on Focus in Canada (Ontario) see their Canadian website:
or CF+D Custom Fireplace Design

For more information on Bioethanol fireplaces available in Canada see:
Ecosmart Fire


4 thoughts on “Warming Trends: The Fireplace Reinvented

  1. If anyone from Focus get a chance to read this post and if they have any brains in their heads they’ll come running to offer you a job as their own PR spokesperson 🙂

    I love the cleanliness of the Focus concept and not just environmentally speaking but from a design perspective. Although I’m not too keen on modern decor I can’t but admit that I love their play with fire.


    1. Hi Abufares! Sorry it’s taken me some time to respond. Thank you for your comment. Lol! That would be fun working for Focus. I’m glad we agree that their designs are attractive. I’m totally hooked on their uniqueness and ingenuity…I think mainly because many of their fireplace styles could be used in either a modern or a traditional home. Admittedly, there are some styles that just wouldn’t suit traditional, but they are few.


  2. Absolutely love their designs. We love a modern interior and live on the 9th floor in a loft of sorts …. or apartment or … Oh I can never tell the difference in terminology anymore. A big glass box in the sky basically.

    In any case the Bioethanol Fireplace is our only option. We saw one a little while back we liked but were silly enough to hesitate and now it is gone. It was a tall (about hip height) round column – about 20″ in diameter. The base was a lovely brushed stainless steel (about two thirds of the entire fireplace) and the last third was glass …inside … the fire.

    We loved it because it was basically portable. We could have it in the bedroom (for romance), place it in the living space (ambiance) or … even bring it out on the balcony in the summer months (mood lighting).

    Wonderful post … the hunt is back on!! and … that first photo is rather awesome …. fireplace as wall art. Wow.


    1. Hi Sonja. Thanks for your comment. I agree that the versatility/portability of the bioethanol fireplace makes it a very attractive option in an apartment or a home. I do admit I love the smell of burning wood but when you don’t have that option, setting the ambiance with something as attractive as the new bioethanol is a great alternative! Good luck in your search. I know you’ll find something perfect!


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