Easter Weekend

Hello all you wonderful readers! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. For those of you who celebrated Easter, a belated Happy Easter. Whether you’re a believer or not, Easter always turns out to be a lovely time for family, food, and fun. My family tends to focus on the traditions of Easter more as a celebration of spring. We decorate eggs, organize and execute the chocolate egg hunt, and eat…a lot.

This year we were fortunate enough to go to the cottage for the weekend. The temperature hovered around 14 C (57 F), which, under cloudy conditions can feel damp and cold. But we had wall to wall sunshine! I don’t think I stopped smiling from the moment I got there until I had to pack to leave (which always makes me grumpy but that’s a good story for another post).

One of the most satisfying things about going to the cottage, besides the obvious, is that my kids turn from screen (tv, Wii, computer, Nintendo) magnets to outdoor and card game enthusiasts. Their imaginations burst forth like the first spring flowers, full of colour and inspiration. I could sit all day (on the deck, in the sun, with a drink and a good book in my hand) and just watch them and listen to their banter.

Sunday morning the sun glistened like starlight off of the waters as they lapped at the shore in the small bay. I stood on the deck, clutching myself against the north wind, and sighed deeply. Nothing but fresh, cool air filled my lungs. Across the lake snow was still resting upon the banks indicating that the water was still quite frigid, but it was a brilliant blue, like shimmery denim (if there were ever such a thing). It was that kind of blue that brought back memories of summer. I felt the sun on my face, then, and I knew I’d be back again soon.

Welcome Spring! Bring forth summer!


6 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. What a lovely view you share here with us, Isobel.
    In Peru, Easter is known as Semana Santa (Holy Week) and we have a long weekend from Good Thursday. Many people spend those days at the beach, because those are almost the last sunny warm days of the year.
    Me instead, I prefer to stay in Lima. Due to thia exodus, the city remains peacefully quiet. The traffic jams are over for some time, which is good. The movie theaters are empty. You’d wish things could be like that forever!


    1. Ah yes. The mass exodus! It is nice to have some quiet and near solitude. This is what I love about the cottage! Enjoy your last remaining days of summer, Gabriella.


  2. You know something! The posted photo, in addition to illustrating the beautiful view of the lake and the woods, shows what a smile from the heart really looks like. You seem happy there, in your element so to speak. Your relaxed stance filled the foregroud with the missing colors of the fallen leaves and warmed the eveidently cool air and cold water beyond.
    Oh, and the eggs look lovely too.


    1. Lol! Thanks, Abufares. You know, the “wilderness” of the cottage region really shows off the beauty of all of the seasons. This time when winter is giving way to spring, although without much colour, is so lovely texturally. The dried leaves, the various species of tree bark, the splash of green conifers, the moist earth, and the browned grasses all make for a more or less monochrome landscape which contrasts beautifully with the blue of the sky and the water. Yup…I’d say I’m definitely in my element there. 🙂


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