Goodbye Robin

I was a small child during the disco era so it wasn’t until my teenage years that I heard the Bee Gees. I actually don’t recall how I came to know about them. They were a group that was so immersed in the music world that I think that they had become a common household name. You just knew the Bee Gees. Who could resist at least toe tapping to Stayin’ Alive? Even to this day, I have to get up and dance to it. I wouldn’t say I was a die-hard fan, buying every album they ever released (in fact I haven’t any), but I am a long-time fan always enjoying the unique harmonies of the brothers Gibb whenever I hear them.

Not only did the Bee Gees put out a huge collection of music and hits, written, sung, and produced by them, but they also wrote for other singers who made hits of their songs like Dionne Warwick, Barbara Steisand, and Celine Dion. They are such a powerhouse of musical talent despite the tragedies which plagued the family. In 1988, Andy Gibb, the youngest brother, died at the age of 30. In 2003, Maurice died unexpectedly at the age of 53. And now in 2012, we have lost Robin to cancer at the age of 62. Barry is the last surviving brother.

My sister wrote a status update on Facebook (inspiring this post) asking why Robin Gibb was not getting the same huge funeral that was given to Whitney Houston. My take on that statement is that she was not endorsing the ostentatiousness of Whitney’s funeral. She was wondering why someone like Robin Gibb, whose talent was undeniable and who gave such positive contribution to the world of music, would depart from this world with such little fanfare. I think the tributes to Robin have been plentiful but not glitzy. Sometimes simple and low-key is much more respectful and tasteful.

It would be nice if I had enough clout in the blogging world that I could start a memorial of sorts by asking all bloggers to write a short post in memory of Robin. For all I know, it’s already been done and I missed the party. But since I don’t have that kind of influence, I’ll do my part and hope that I might inspire a few others to also do the same.

So without further ado, here’s to you Robin Gibb. Thank you for so many years of beautiful song and music. Rest in Peace.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Robin

  1. Rest in peace, indeed.
    The news of him passing aways saddened me, as well as the bad news about Donna Summer. Not my time either, but they both belong to a timeless bunch that will always be with us.


  2. Well the Bee Gees are my time young women 😉 Never a devoted fan but they were a significant part of my teenage years background. Rest in peace Robin (uttered in a high pitched Bee Gees voice:-)


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