The Poppies are Here!

I was just about to write this post…with much excitement…when it occurred to me that I may have posted about my poppies before. Sure enough I wrote Garden Delight on June 9th of last year. Well, I said, I don’t care! You can fault me for being repetitive if you like, but come on people! It’s POPPIES! They’re GORGEOUS! I can’t help myself. Every time they arrive I’m amazed and delighted and need to share it!

Interestingly, they’re more than a week earlier this year. Goes to show you how our unseasonably warm temperatures have affected everything this year from allergies, to extreme weather patterns, to an early growing season. Last year I went looking for daffodils at the end of April and had to search high and low for any that had actually bloomed. This year the daffodils were awake in droves by Easter which fell on April 8th!

But back to the poppies, which I’m very fortunate to have. A dear friend of mine, a talented and avid gardener, gave me these poppies from her grandmother’s garden. For a few years they struggled. In fact, I’m not even sure they blossomed the first summer. This year, however, there must be 8 – 10 flower pods per plant! If we’re lucky, we’ll get a week or more of blossoms. They’re in the front garden and I’m so happy to be able to share them with the neighbourhood…as long as no one picks them for themselves. Yesterday I watched a 10 year old girl walk over to one while she was waiting for the bus. When she saw me looking at her, the smile on her face spread from ear to ear. (one of those moments when you wish you had a camera). She was awed by the flower’s massive, orange head. And who wouldn’t be? Aren’t you?


Next, I await the Clematis!



8 thoughts on “The Poppies are Here!

  1. Gorgeous is the right description! The picture seems like an O’keefe, so brilliantly red with cadmium orange in between, and that dark void in the center… Mother nature at its’ best.

    thank you for the repeat, as I missed last years post : )



  2. What is it with you Latinas Locas :-)? I can’t believe how fast you show up over here, Gabriela and Hebe. I got an email notification that a new entry was posted on Suffonsifisms and I thought to myself, YEAH! I’ll be the first to read and comment. Damn, it must be the time difference or something. OK where was I? The colors are stunning but Gabriela already said that. The O’keefe thingy, Hebe beat me to it. Here to both of you 😛
    Isobel, a beautiful post and photos 😉


    1. I guess that’s part of why I get so excited when they show up! They are so delicate and rare. Thanks for dropping by, Monte! Always love to have you here.


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