This is my first ever “Reblog”, a neat little feature in WordPress. I read this post by Stephanie and could totally relate. I thought perhaps some of my readers might appreciate her wisdom. Enjoy and don’t forget to go and comment on her blog.

Teaspoons and Tinsel

Lately I have had so many major, time-consuming things on my ‘To Do’ list, but I have been struggling to get started on any of them.

My thought process has been something like this “Oh I really need to update the whole policy manual for work (or clean out the kids clothes drawers, or get my business accounts reconciled etc etc) , it’s going to take hours, I don’t have hours right now, so I will do it later”.

However, I have never quite been able to find the many hours I needed to complete each task. (surprise surprise!)

This weekend, the weather was wet, windy and cold. “The perfect time to get stuff done”, I thought brightly.

However, by the middle of Saturday I still had not begun any of my jobs (which were mentally growing bigger by the second).

I decided to take a different approach. Instead of thinking “I need…

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    1. They sure do! I seriously can’t keep track but I’m almost afraid to write them down or I’ll be too overwhelmed. Lol! But Stephanie is right…doing a little at a time is the way to go.


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