Update on Charlie

X-ray of Charlie's hips shows they are dislocated.
X-ray of Charlie’s hips shows they are dislocated.

Thank you to those of you who chipped in to help Charlie. The Trifilia rescue group was able to afford x-rays for Charlie with the number of donations that came in. As you can see in the x-ray, Charlie’s hips aren’t where they are supposed to be . This is the latest from TVAR:

“We had a group meeting to discuss Charlie, our very difficult case. The operation for the number of fractures in his pelvis can only be done in Athens 270 km away. This means a number of things; how are we going to get him there, where will he stay for a few days and after such a procedure Charlie can not be put back on the street as a stray. He will need to find a forever home. For now, we are sending his x-rays to one of our members in Athens who will show them to a vet there who specializes in these procedures. He will consult with our vet and we will get a ball park figure about the cost, plus we need to come up with a plan for the other aspects mentioned above.”

Only 26% of what has been estimated for the cost of the procedure has been raised. If you haven’t donated but can afford a little to help, please click on the above photo and follow the link. Every penny is helpful.
Thanks again readers.


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