Fresh Earth

Hello dear readers. It’s been a while and yes, this seems to be the norm lately, but I’m glad I have a fairly forgiving audience. Thank you. I was going to get on here and write a snide post about world affairs but to be honest I don’t feel very snide today and what good does it do anyway? Sure, it makes us feel good to get sarcasm out of our system but it doesn’t really change anything. So, since changing the name of my blog to “Close to Home” I’ve learned to focus more on things I can change and I’m doing a pretty good job in my little world.

One reason I haven't completely abandoned Facebook. Thanks, George Takei.
One reason I haven’t completely abandoned Facebook. Thanks, George Takei.

My biggest change of late is weaning myself off of Facebook. Whoopdie-do you might say but it’s a relief for me. Over the years since I started on Facebook I’ve gone through varying degrees of addiction from posting multiple times a day to deleting my account entirely. I quickly learned that deleting my account was not really worth while since, sadly, it’s the only real way stay in touch with people. No one emails any more and I’m terrible at mailing letters (not writing…just getting the letter into the mailbox). So, I’ve decided to keep my account but not to post unless it’s an absolute necessity, ie trying to get the word out about an event, etc. I haven’t posted in over two weeks. I could get into my reasoning but do you really care? Well, okay, I’ll give you one reason. The things I really like to talk and think about, no one wants to read or respond to on Facebook. Good enough?

Ultimate Fort builders at the Canadian War Museum
Ultimate Fort builders at the Canadian War Museum
So instead of clicking away on my Android Facebook App, I’ve turned my energies elsewhere. Mostly to creative endeavors. This month has been particularly busy with children’s birthdays and visiting family and friends. Both of my kids were born in April. One at the beginning and one at the end. Great planning, eh? Well, in one way it is…I get everything over-with within a few weeks. But in another way, it’s exhausting. I put a lot of effort into their birthdays. It’s fun for me to apply my creativity and I love for them to have memorable events every year but…and this is a big but…I do not want to spend a fortune.
The cake. Camo inside.
The cake. Camo inside.
My son’s birthday was at the Canadian War Museum. They have a wonderful venue there and three really fun birthday theme options. Anastasi chose the one called “The Ultimate Fort” where they spent time, in two teams, building forts out of massive cardboard blocks and then competing in bean bag tosses of various sorts. They also did a scavenger hunt in the massive vehicle room of the museum where there are tanks, missile launchers, a jet, and various vehicles including one riddled with bullet holes. For a crowd of 10, ten-year-old boys, this was perfect! And all this for $120. Aside from mailing the invitations, all I had to do was to produce a cake which took me the better part of the day before. It was a really cool cake, if I do say so myself!

My daughter’s birthday party was at home. We decided on a camp theme which was really fun to put together. Naturally, being a control freak, I put the onus on myself to do everything. Previous to the past week I collected inspiration photos and pinned them to my boards on Pinterest (a very useful Social Media app) so that by the time I needed to organize and create I knew what I needed. I spent the entire week (during my “free” time), running from the dollar store to the craft store to the party store and back again. Then creating, printing, cutting, pasting, and stringing various banners, water bottle labels, and craft ideas. There was even a makeshift tent and a fake fire pit (wood, red tulle, and a cool burning lightbulb) thanks to my friend and neighbour, Karen. A small group of 6 girls made for a very calm and fun party. The girls split into two teams and did an outdoor scavenge hunt, collected items for and created fairy homes, made dragonfly and s’more crafts for their camp hats, and played camping with their wonderful imaginations. A two-hour party turned into a four-hour playdate. I enjoyed every moment and I think the girls did too.

The camping theme.
The camping theme.

First signs of life in the garden.
First signs of life in the garden.
As the month comes to a close, I finally have a day to relax and enjoy the weather. It’s been a long time coming, the warm weather, and I am LOVING it! It’s 20 C (68 F) and sunny…a perfect day for putting around in the garden and getting rid of winter. I focused on my little herb garden. I pulled out the dead herbs, namely rosemary and oregano (it’s really a shame they can’t survive the winter), marveled at the robust herbs that seem to thrive in the cold (chives, mint, and thyme), and transplanted my raspberry bushes to make way for a small extension on the deck. Sometimes I’m surprised we Canadians actually survive the winter and they don’t find us curled into little pasty, starchy balls in the far corners of our basements by the television, muttering and drooling to and on ourselves. But we are definitely more like chives and less like rosemary (my deep thought for today). As I sunk my fingers into the fresh, cool earth, I felt alive again. Thank goodness there’s always spring and it’s here without a doubt. Yay!! Enjoy it fellow Canadians. For those of you in warmer climes…be happy for us, will you? ๐Ÿ™‚


11 thoughts on “Fresh Earth

  1. FB is the devil ๐Ÿ™‚ I know what you mean about the addiction. It’s interesting to see how most people (at least on my FB) changed the way they use the tool, from an online diary to a messaging tool. Since the revolution it has become a news aggregator for me, every little town and alley seems to have a FB account with updates that you can only get through them.

    Our chives are also healthy and growing. I didn’t know that rosemary has be to replanted every year, I thought I just got unlucky last year. I was the a Home Depot earlier and the there were more people in the garden centre than the store, always a great sign!


    1. Hi Omar. Thanks for dropping by. I, too, use Facebook as a news and information aggregator. I’ve found some interesting pages to follow. I wish I could follow the revolution pages but I follow as closely as I can with the English sources.

      Yes, sadly there are a bunch of herbs that can only live year around in warmer climates. I thought about covering the rosemary and oregano since it was planted next to the house but I never got around to it. I’m not sure whether that would save it or not. Maybe I can do a test next winter. (I shudder at the thought of another winter…ugh)


  2. This is a great review of your month. Lovely! Let me tell you, I’m the one in charge of preparing little chocolates for my niece’s birthday. Those chocolates you know, but smaller. Ideal for little mouths. And yes, a birthday for a little one is exhausting, but I love all the preparaton involved.
    I’m pretty sure your children will remember their 2013 birthdays!


  3. You were a busy little groundhog though. Welcome to the surface.
    I agree with you a 100% re. FB. What a terrible waste of time. I, too, have kept my account to keep in touch with (some) friends and family members who have abandoned old-fashioned email. I have decided to use it strictly to promote my blog and to minimally correspond with those who have chosen it as their preferred (and only) method of communication.
    Ahhh!!! To read you again… Spring is officially here ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I forgot the Facebook part. I agree 100% with you and Abufares about it. But unlike both of you, I don’t even have an account there. If someone wants to get in touvh with me, they will find the way.


    2. Hi Abufares. I noticed that you’ve been on Facebook very little lately. I suppose, considering current events, that’s the wise course of action anyway. Not only do I find it quite boring of late, but I also don’t like all the issues with privacy that keep sprouting up. Leaving a trail of my life, as mundane as it is, is likely not a good idea in the long run. Thanks for being here. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Thanks, supermom!! I love reading your blog, Izzer. We actually ate some fresh chives the other night from our garden, it’s so wonderful to see the plants come back. Can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms…soon I think! xox


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