When sitting in a field of dandelions…


… You might as well make a dandelion chain. Or…


… Play with the macro option on your phone (my new favourite pass time)

This fluffy post brought to you today by the letter D. Happy Thursday. 🙂


6 thoughts on “When sitting in a field of dandelions…

  1. I always comment about how good your writing or your photography are. BUT, not this time. I have to say WOW! Your smartphone’s camera is incredibly GOOD!. It’s a Samsung you say. Is it the new S4? The details are unbelievably sharp. Did you use any enhancing software, or is it the native camera app?
    And… ehem, you still take amazing pictures (admitting reluctantly).


    1. Hi Abufares. First I have to say thank you for engaging my nerdiness. Lol! Actually, there are quite a few nerdy, techie things going on with this post. I didn’t write about them, above, for reasons you will see below. (Now is when I’ll do the real writing)

      First of all, I have the S3 not the S4 but I guess it’s with the S3 that they really came out with a top notch phone camera. The second photo, using the macro option, was taken using the phone’s native camera. And, as everyone who reads this blog knows by now, I totally LOVE this option. The photo above that, of the dandelion chain was taken using an app called HDR Camera. I wanted to test it to see if there was any difference but between these two photos, I can’t really detect much difference. Perhaps the oranges are a bit more vivid? In my mind, though, it’s not enough to really say anything about the app.

      The other thing I wanted to test was the WordPress app on my phone which, even after giving it several tries, still boggles my mind. It’s great for replying to comments, approving comments, checking stats, etc. but when it comes to writing and publishing it scares me a little. Thus the reason I didn’t put a lot into the above post. In the past I’ve lost parts of posts by going between my phone and my pc. The icons are not terribly obvious as to what they will do when you click them. In fact, it was just by randomly clicking that I was able to publish this post. I was actually surprised when I saw the status come up “published”. Imagine if I had not wanted to publish at that time! It’s hard to test it and play around with it though without publishing gibberish to your blog which you don’t want to do. I would just like the option of publishing on the fly but I’m not confident enough with the app to use it this way. What to do?

      Anyway, I’m sure that this is more information than you were looking for…but you opened the floodgates! Lol! Thanks, for your interest. 🙂


  2. Nerd!? I never said that… A geek, may be.
    I have an S2, and while it has a good camera, it’s nowhere close to the S3’s. I do use HDR Camera on mine though and the difference is noticeable. I suggest you take 2 consecutive and similar shots with the HDR Camera and the native camera app. Try it both indoors and outdoors then decide whether there’s any improvement. In my case, there certainly is, especially with color saturation and contrast. As for publishing posts from your phone, I get nervous doing that too. I think I only tested it once, although I have used my phone to edit a published post (fix typos). Now that is nerdiness at its best 🙂


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