The Garden of Weedin’ – A Weekend Project

My house is an end unit townhouse right at the corner of the street. This, therefore, provides a large amount of space for either an expansive lawn or a nice garden. I am not a lawn person, in fact I’d rather not see one blade of grass on my property, so I opted for a garden that took over as much lawn as possible and within reason. When the (very large) garden went in about 4 years ago it was thought that doing a rock garden with copious amounts of groundcover would almost eliminate weeds.


Four years later I see how wrong I was. With a severe crab grass invasion, the usual perseverance of dandelions, and not heeding my neighbour’s warning about the prolificacy of violets, my garden is overrun consistently every year. For a few years the enormity of the job overwhelmed me but by pulling a few weeds here and there it seemed to remain somewhat presentable. But this year, now that I’m running a home-based business, I’m conscious of the need to totally renovate.

I started last fall in an approximately 4′ x 10′ (1 meter x 3 meter) patch and pulled as many weeds as possible, then covered the bare ground with black wood chips in hopes of keeping the weeds down. This spring that area is half decent. The wood chips helped somewhat although using geo-textile would have been more efficient. Due to the contrast between the weeded area and the untouched area, it is even more obvious now how much the rest of the garden needs doing.

This is my weekend project.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take before photos of the area that I finished today (Saturday) but imagine, if you will, that it was not much different from the area I face tomorrow (shown below). For my own sanity I’ve broken the garden into manageable sections. I just hope that my back will agree that what I did today was manageable. Only time will tell.

Most of Section #1 completed on Saturday.
Most of Section #1 completed on Saturday.
This path was completely engulfed by violets and the tree canopy was blocking the way.
This path was completely engulfed by violets and the tree canopy was blocking the way.

Sunday was not as productive as Saturday. I got tired much more quickly and was dealing with sore muscles from the day before. But it was still pretty good and I nearly completed the area I was striving to do. Over the entire weekend I filled three large garden waste bags. I still have more to do and will have to continue working over the summer to maintain it. But hey, this is what it means to have a garden and I wouldn’t want to be without one. See the Before and After shots below of my Sunday’s progress.

The before and after of section #2.
The before and after of section #2.

I’ve decided to reward myself with a nice bistro set to place by the garden for my hard work. Think I deserve it? 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Garden of Weedin’ – A Weekend Project

  1. After reading this and imagining you and after seeing the pictures and trying to figure out your neighborhood, I think you had a lovely result. And YES, absolutely, you deserve that reward. I wish I could join you!


    1. Thank you, Gabriela and yes! That would be a wonderful treat to have you join me for a drink by the garden. Maybe some day you’ll visit Canada. 🙂


  2. First, let me commend you on a job well done. Now, do you want to work on my garden??? Besides having a bunch of guys working on my garden that believe using the trimmer is the answer for any problem, or that a “Machete” is good for trimming plants that are naturally amorphous into ugly rectangles; I also have green iguanas eating my orchids, and to top it all, a bad back that does not allows me to do much.

    Your garden is lovely. Get your bistro set, mix a carafe of “Sangría” and relax on your patio enjoying the view of a job well done 🙂


    1. Hmmm…that’s a tough one Hebe! Why in the world would I want to come and work in a garden in PR?? Lol! Omg! If I could, I’d be there in a split second. I’d teach those iguanas! 🙂

      And yes, Sangria is a perfect drink for sipping in the garden. Maybe you’ll join me one day! Thanks for your comment and for dropping by Hebe.


  3. How about me??? Any chance I can have a martini, vodka not gin, shaken not stirred, 3 olives, up, dry and dirty… Ahhh! Bliss.
    Oops, your garden looks lovely Isobel and you do have a green hand if I may say so 😉


    1. That martini might be a bit more fancy than I can conjure…but you’re more than welcome to join the growing group of patio drinkers…I might need more than a bistro set! 🙂

      And thanks for noticing the garden. Lol!


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