Sad Cat Diary

Just to prove that I am not without a sense of humour (in case it needed to be proved) , here is something to make you smile (or possibly roll on the floor laughing like a hyena) on a Friday. The video has been roaming around Facebook but I think it deserves a wider audience (because my blog delivers). Whether you love cats or hate them (although I don’t know how that’s possible) this is bound to tickle your funny bone. Enjoy and happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Sad Cat Diary

    1. We don’t start out deranged, Abufares, but when you become paranoid that that little fur ball you’ve loved, and petted, and fed, may be plotting to kill you, you can’t help but turn a little loopy. 😉


  1. Well, even though I’m not a cat fan (yes, it’s possible for someone not to like cats), I have to admit I felt sorry for this cat and the terrible authorities if has to deal wrth,


    1. Lol! Well, there’s irony…I love cats but didn’t feel one iota of sympathy. It just cracked me up. And yes, I know many people dislike cats…but I’ll never understand it. 🙂


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