Happiness is…

image …a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning on my deck. There’s a cool breeze and the scent of cedar is being carried across it. I live for days like this…well, not days really, just moments. This isn’t really meant to be one of those inspirational posts. Honest. It’s just that it struck me that I really need very little to make me happy. I’m not a simpleton but I guess I have simple needs. Sometimes I’m mislead to believe I have complex needs but it’s really not true. If sunshine, coffee, and the smells of earth and summer can lighten my spirit, if a smile and a touch from a loved one can fill my heart, if prose, poetry, or a brush stroke can make my soul take flight, then I’m doing okay.

Have a lovely day.


6 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Life is made up of moments. It’s up to each one of us to take them and cherish them forever or just let them pass by without noticing them. I prefer to be part of the first group, just as you do. And sometimes I’m amazed with how people love to complicate things adding unnecessary tensions to our daily lives (sometimes with simple things).


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