The little things: Fresh Raspberries

Sometimes little things make me very happy. Today, when I was admiring how much my raspberry bushes had grown, I noticed a splash of red almost hidden by a leaf. I lifted the leaf to find two of the biggest raspberries I’ve ever seen! These two were at least twice as big as the ones from the grocery story! Boy! Did that ever bring a smile to my face. I picked them and enjoyed their juicy sweetness. I can’t wait for the rest… Of which there are plenty… To ripen. Hurrah for summer berries! Hope you find some joy, big or small, in your day today.



6 thoughts on “The little things: Fresh Raspberries

    1. I love both, Gabriela! Strawberries are in season here. I even found wild strawberries…little tiny things…along the road near my cottage. What a treat! 🙂


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