365 Days of Beautiful

Hello everyone. A belated Happy New Year to you all. It’s been a while but, believe it or not, I’ve actually been trying to write…a novel. Yes. There, I said it. This is what I’m up to and it’s kept me away from my blog. My apologies. More on this later. ..

I thought I would try a new and not very time consuming project: 365 days of photos. My challenge? To find something beautiful to photograph every day for a year. I’m just going to use my phone camera because I have it with me almost all the time. Also, it’s more about the subject than the photograph. Most days I can find many beautiful things to photograph. I don’t always capture them but I see them. Then there are the other days where everything seems to go wrong and nothing looks beautiful (Luckily few and far between for me) . Finding a beautiful moment any time is very rewarding, but it’s especially nice to be able to remind yourself of the beauty when you’re feeling low.

Today’s photo… Photo 1…My multi-faceted crystal refracting today’s sunshine.


And I can honestly say that today was a good day. Hope yours was too.


6 thoughts on “365 Days of Beautiful

    1. Thanks, Gabriela. It’s going to take a while but you’ll know when it’s published!! 🙂 So happy you had a great day and yes, we can both hope for a better one tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on starting your novel. WOW!!! I can’t wait to someday read it. Are we going to be lucky and you’d tell us what it’s about?
    I had to put off my own for a while longer until matters settle down over here and the bloodshed and the heavy sense of loss subside. Meanwhile, I’m taking baby steps and writing short stories (soon to be published I hope).
    Posting photos on your blog is a great idea. I find myself unable to post anything on mine except once every blue moon. But as long as I’m writing, I tell myself, it’s not half as bad.
    Keep going and good luck. I’ll wait for your photos with the same enthusiasm I had for your writing.
    Hola Gabriela, ¿qué tal?


    1. Thanks, Abufares. 🙂 I saw that you were writing too and I think that’s wonderful. I can understand why you’re not writing on your blog much but it is good to know we’ll be able to read you soon… I hope. I will eventually give some information on my novel. I want to write some more beforehand. Meanwhile I thought it might be a good idea to not completely abandon my blog. All the best to you.


  2. Isobel: I love this idea, and you are right, we can see beauty in most every day….one of my dearest and closest friends included a cut out heart in her Christmas card and on the heart she wrote “Begin each day with a greatful heart” Unfortunately she has been battling breast cancer for a year and has had a double mastectomy…..I have the heart where I see it every morning and it puts everything in perspective!! Have a great day and I hope you share each photograph with us every day!


    1. That is a wonderful gift from your friend, Sharon. It is too bad that it takes illness for many of us to gain perspective. I hope your friend is doing well now. It is my intention to capture something, even if seemingly insignificant, each day. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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