Rideau Canal Skateway

I have to admit that it’s kinda neat to live in a city that can boast the world’s longest skating rink, The Rideau Canal Skateway. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t been out on it in years though. I preferred the community rinks when the kids were smaller. Now, however, they’re more than capable of holding their own on the canal and today I took my daughter and her friend for a little spin up and down a section of it. With a combination of it being the weekend, Winterlude (our winter festival), and the sun shining, bringing reasonable winter temperatures, the place was buzzing with people. While we took a break, I admired the vitality of the place and felt good being part of it. With the sun at my back, I also noticed the moon high in the beautiful blue sky and I couldn’t help but embrace the moment.



5 thoughts on “Rideau Canal Skateway

  1. I guess you get tired eventually of too much snow and long winters. But for someone who rarely sees it, it still is an amazingly beautiful manifestation of the natural world.


    1. Abufares, the most difficult part of winter for me is not being able to go outside because it’s too cold…like the kind of cold that freezes your nostrils shut. Lol! But on days when you can enjoy the winter, like yesterday, it’s absolutely glorious.


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