Sweet Spoonful

Ok, so it’s not exactly picturesque, but on the tongue, Nutella is beautiful. Its smooth, velvety, chocolaty yumminess is just so… Yummy. I needed a sweet treat just now and a spoonful (or 2) really did the trick. Ahhh Nutella. (The makers of Nutella did not ask or pay me to post this. I did it on my own accord. I ate it on my own accord too. I also bought the bottle off the shelf. I take full responsibility.)



12 thoughts on “Sweet Spoonful

  1. Oh, well they don’t look right after they are posted. It’s a small o then a capital one O. Side by side, they should look different but they aren’t. Point is! I raised my eyebrow! Sweettoothed, eh!


      1. It’s so easy.
        Get two cans of condensed milk and put them to boil with enough water for two hours. If the water level gets down, add more water. This is very important, if the water evaporates, the cans can explode. Remove cans from water and let them cool completely before putting the content in a container with a lid.
        Let me know!


        1. Another crazy sweettoothed … person. After reading your back and forth, I rushed to a kitchen cabinet where I retrieved salted peanuts, then salted almonds, then salted anchovies, then a jar of salt, mixed them all together and drained them down my throat to upset the sweet and sickening effect you created. Yackkkkkk!!!


        2. I dunno. That’s sounds dangerous. Knowing my luck they would explode. Lol! Opening a jar of Nutella is a lot safer. If I feel like living on the edge, I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks for giving us the “recipe”.


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