Overcoming Fear

It could be considered debatable as to whether or not this photo is of beauty. It would completely depend upon your view of spiders. I have had a phobia of spiders for many years, although since buying a cottage I have had to force myself to suppress it… If that’s possible with a phobia. Oddly enough, I have always wanted to hold a tarantula. I imagined that it would not be as frightening as seeing a Wolf spider lurking above your head as you crouch under a deck to grab some gardening tools. Today, I found out that I had imagined correctly. In fact, I discovered, thanks to the information given by the animal handler at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, that tarantulas are quite docile creatures. Their venom is not deadly to humans and they won’t use it when frightened. They would rather save it for their prey. Instead they scratch fur off their backs and send it into the faces of their attackers which causes the attacker’s eyes and skin to become very itchy. While they are dealing with the itch, the tarantula escapes. They are so soft and light – really lovely little things. How could I not see the beauty in that? (and yes, that is my hand in the photo)



6 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

    1. Actually, I don’t like killing them either. I can’t tell you the crazy lengths I go to to carry them out of the house and try not to get freaked out at the same time. Lol!


    1. I wasn’t sure how I’d react when it was in my hand, Gabriela. But once it was there I was so focused on not scaring it that I suppose that distracted me from my own nervousness.


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